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Show up in the shimmering…


Consider that there is a thought that you haven’t thought of before. Consider that you have access to material that lives within you that you didn’t know you had access to. Consider there… Continue reading

Alchemical Marriage – Downloadable Class Now Available!


Dear Ones of the Bright Heart, This is an invitation to join me for a sacred painting session. A time to enter the mystery of the Alchemical Marriage for yourself – to explore… Continue reading

Leading a Legendary Life Online Mentorship – Starts January 28!


Leading A Legendary Life Mentorship offers the opportunity to study with Visionary Entrepreneur, Shiloh Sophia McCloud. This six month course is focused in her philosophy regarding intentional creativity as the pathway which leads to living a meaningful life.

Who Will We Be? Embracing Our Economy


Who Are We Going to Be?

I have a strange notion to embrace our economy. A mystical sense that to navigate these changes with grace will require deep love and profound creativity. Not regret or blame. While at every turn, fear is present with the “what if’s” it has always used to leverage itself into our lives. Each day, I face fear with paintbrush and pen in hand and kindly reply, “I have no need of your stories, but, thank you for reminding me to pay attention” To choose not to submit, when fear, regret, blame, shame and other not-so-kind frequencies have been laced into the air by the unseen hands of doom sayers– well, it takes courage. But be courageous we must!