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How do you measure up?


How do you measure up? How do you determine your value? Do you let others ways of sizing you up inform your ideas about who you are? Who’s holding your measuring stick? Dear… Continue reading

Regarding finding your way when lost


Regarding finding your way when lost. Begin with a prayer, a tiny feeble one just beneath your breath. One so preciously small so that no one can hear it. It is almost like… Continue reading

What did the Poet say to the Physicist?


Here’s what happens when a poet encounters quantum physics. She writes in prayer particle and wave. Here’s how it works. Be utterly fascinated. Walk around in awe at and with the universe. Whisper… Continue reading

Just Dare…


Just Dare Dare to re-invent yourself when you don’t know what that looks like yet. Dare to dream bigger than you feel comfortable dreaming. Dare to love unreasonably, even if you have been… Continue reading

Every Woman is the Queen of Her Own Heart


Every woman is the Queen of her own heart She must decide how to govern her own domain. She seeks friends and allies that honor who she is now and who she is… Continue reading

Particle Prayermaking


Particle Prayermaking Right at the edge of myself the place where I end and you begin, right there in between the particles we are there is another place A place between places a… Continue reading

Finding Wings


The act of “finding wings” is of course,  A life long journey in and of itself – We cannot wait for inspiration to strike Or circumstances to improve – The time to “take… Continue reading

Do you choose – or are you chosen?


Do you choose, or are your chosen?
Do you make the path
or has it been in you all along?

This Work of Women Is Visionary Work


We are creating our own mystical cosmic luminous overflowing BANK.

A bank that does not cause, contribute to or condone the suffering of others for profit.

A Women’s Bank. Believe it. Create it.
Deposit into it. Draw from it. 
Invite other women into it.

Enter the income stream in your little golden boat

and dream and work and pray and play and prosper.

Letting the Change, Change Me


I recognize that it is inspiration that furthers me,
not making myself wrong for not being better, stronger, more.
I will repent of the ways I have hurt myself and others.