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Spirit of Hope – A Writing for Spring


then she sat back in her rocker
with a cup of rose petal and jasmine tea
in the newly created stillness of What Was,
her silver cat, Jupiter curled at her feet.
And she meditated upon What Was To Come.

The Queen of Shovels


After 1000 broken vows

We will rise again. I promise.

Surrendering to the mystery

of knowing or not knowing.

To Be Wonderful


Have you ever felt
not quite yourself around some folks?
Why is it that
to be wonderful
is not supported by everyone?
Do you ever feel like your being a success,
or just being happy
appears to be threatening to others?
Even those who love you. (And they really do)

Why We Need Visionary Woman,


visionary |ˈvi zh əˌnerē| adjective 1 (esp. of a person) thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom : a visionary leader 2 of, relating to, or able to see visions… Continue reading

Prayer To Our Lady of Blackberry Pie — A Plea for the Sacred Honeybee


Just ask the Queen Bee what is happening to her hives
Just ask the Mama Whale what is happening to her sea
Just ask the Empress Butterfly what has happened to her cocoons
Just as the Mama Frog what has happened to her shimmering legs
Just ask the Princess Salamander how far from home she has had to travel
Just ask the wolf, La Loba, what has happened to her wooded trail
Just ask the Salmon Mother why her children cannot make it up the river

Choosing Self – A String of Beads


Eventually one day we will look on top of our
every day dresser and find a whole necklace of
glistening beads. Some are chipped and old.
Some are new and shiny. Some were given by friends.
Some we bought ourselves. Some we found.
Some we may have taken when someone else was not looking.