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Holy Grail of Healing


Lady of Living Water

I call to you from the sands of life

Bring the holy grail of your healing

Divine Instruction


 Listening for the divine instruction I sit real quiet on the edge of my thought. Trying not to interrupt the possibility that some holy red thread of wisdom might reach through the… Continue reading

To Be Wonderful


Have you ever felt
not quite yourself around some folks?
Why is it that
to be wonderful
is not supported by everyone?
Do you ever feel like your being a success,
or just being happy
appears to be threatening to others?
Even those who love you. (And they really do)

Why We Need Visionary Woman,


visionary |ˈvi zh əˌnerē| adjective 1 (esp. of a person) thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom : a visionary leader 2 of, relating to, or able to see visions… Continue reading

Visionary Woman – Exploring Who She Is


Visionary Woman has the ability to see between the worlds. Visionary Woman is an inventor of possibilities. She is not governed by reason and rule, but by a sense within herself that there is something she is called to do – and indeed must do. The Visionary Woman, refers to a way of being, a space held within all women where seeing what is possible, has more power than our limitations.

Her Evolution


Yes, I know, we carry too much.
And yet we continue
Dancing through the veils
And singing our children home.
Through darkness and light
The scent of our garden
Lemon, lavender, pineapple mint
and peppermint and sage