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Medicine Painting – What is it?


What if we could turn our wounds into wonders? This is an invitation into the Alchemical Heart of Intentional Creativity… to alchemize difficult parts of ourselves & stories into tools of transformation… Working… Continue reading

Color of Woman Teacher Training


  A hidden door opens. A call comes from within. A light illuminates the darkness of your consciousness. Sometimes a roaring in your minds says: This is your time! What is it YOU… Continue reading

Painting my prayers : Marks for Las Vegas


  In times of great sorrow, may you learn to be with the knowing and not lose your joy. In times of great collective undoing, may you maintain a strong connection to your… Continue reading



    May your mind be illuminated May your your heart be ready May your spirit be delighted May your body be your temple May your hands be creative May your feet find… Continue reading

Invite Your Muse to a Cup of Inquiry, Shiloh’s Featured Article for Aspire Magazine!


“In ordinary reality, our brain, when faced with questions, will go to the past to gather the evidence which is “safer” – ie known, or connected to a past story. In this specialized… Continue reading

This revolution will not be ugly + a reaction to : the emperor has no…


How will you engage? What revolution are you a part of? This revolution will not be ugly. We won’t be degrading anyone in the process. We will not justify cruelty in the cause.… Continue reading

Walking a Sacred Path ~ Red Madonna Sisterhood


This first full moon of 2017 has me thinking in a new direction about why I stand where I stand. Since I have no idea what the TRUTH is – will I stand… Continue reading

What I said at the United Nations


We were asked to share our story – and how it related to healing trauma. Each of us had several chances to share. This was my chance…I was introduced by the panel moderator,… Continue reading

Once Upon A Time – A little tale about the Artist known as Shiloh Sophia


RECEPTION AT ELECTRIC ROSE GALLERY: December 11, Saturday, 7-9pm
107 Plaza Street, Healdsburg, California Cake and Champagne Reception on the weekend we celebrate the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe

This Work of Women Is Visionary Work


We are creating our own mystical cosmic luminous overflowing BANK.

A bank that does not cause, contribute to or condone the suffering of others for profit.

A Women’s Bank. Believe it. Create it.
Deposit into it. Draw from it. 
Invite other women into it.

Enter the income stream in your little golden boat

and dream and work and pray and play and prosper.