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Our Lady of Fire and the Milky Way


One look of love in my direction causes spontaneous combustion. Sparking a blaze to my tender heart of kindling. A wild fire spreads into every dry cell. A multitude of volcanoes erupting causes… Continue reading

Death and the Intimacy of Laundry


death and the intimacy of laundry death doesn’t enter as a destroyer death enters in waves of intimacy. today i am washing clothes still damp from death i can smell last breaths on… Continue reading

She Began To Pray – Love Letter #32


I get to enter a conversation in some cosmic way, with you. If you were here I would want to know, how you are feeling about the world right now. How your plans are working out. How our economy and it’s blessings and challenges are changing how you live. I would ask you about your loved ones. Who is happy and who is not doing so good. I would want to know, most of all, about your heart. And what you are doing to nurture it.