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3 Inquiries to discover if you are leading a Muse led life!


  What if there were a few questions you could ask yourself that would instantly connect you with the Muse? What would they be? Before you go on to the ones my Muse… Continue reading

I almost gave up being an artist


Priority Enrollment Cycle for Color of Woman ends at midnight tonight (about 24 hours from now). Apply today and receive Priority Placement and Tuition Savings of $1000 – $4500. Color of Woman can be taken online, right… Continue reading

4 Layers of Intentional Creativity (video*)


  Being yourself takes courage in a world where you are bullied to be someone you aren’t. Resist, and persist in the expression of you that calls to be revealed. We need you… Continue reading

What is THE most essential thing right now?


I have been asking myself this question every day as I ponder where to go with my work based on world events : What is THE most essential thing right now? What could… Continue reading

her soul spins songs of healing


her soul spins songs of healing

fire red, gold thread and river green

she is making a cloak to transform pain

she is weaving seeds into the fibers

and feathers and shells and leaves