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Doors Closing + Doors Opening + Grieving Dreams


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Painting my prayers : Marks for Las Vegas


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Invite Your Muse to a Cup of Inquiry, Shiloh’s Featured Article for Aspire Magazine!


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Equinox Healing and Transcendence


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5 Minute Writing Prompt


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Muse Days Painting Jams Calendar


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A Prayer for Artists to Our Blessed Lady


Our Lady, Mother of All Good Things

We artists are a complex weaving

Our beauty and our pain seek us

Through brush and pen

Through hand and foot

Through drum and flute

Through paper and scissor

Through image and word

Through life and death

Through our desire to be self expressed.

While we are at once struck with joy

at sudden inspiration, we are also

sometimes stuck with a strange halting fear

Fear enough to stay the brush

or halt the tambourine.

Is it worth it to make art?

Am I good enough? Can I sell it?

What will others think? Of me, my art?

I should be doing accounting,

become a lawyer, a doctor or politician,

or clean my house after all,

instead of getting myself to studio or notebook.

We all know – poets and artists –

are of no value here…there are mouths to feed!

And so we chatter on in this way

Poisoning our ideas with lack of Faith.

Blessed Lady, You have heard all of our complaints I am sure.

For many thousands of years, and as a form of medicine,

have given yourself, Lady, your own image and heart,

to millions of painters, poets and songwriters to keep them

Going. To keep them company in the dark night.

For this we thank you. For this I thank you beyond measure.

You are the most painted, most sung about Lady in all the world!

Blessed Lady I beseech you on our behalf, on behalf of all artists!