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On speaking to those who live from the soul


On speaking to those who live from the soul, during times of great change.   Do not tell me to move on. Do not tell me to speak out when I wish for… Continue reading

The Glitter from the Grit: A Blessing for Wild Things


May you choose to sift the glitter from the grit of life.

May you sharpen those internal soul tools that make self excavation possible, even when messy.

May you choose to pursue your life purpose fearlessly, no matter what bills are due.

May you realize that you don’t need to be inspired to create, and you don’t need to clean the house or the catbox first.

The Queen of Shovels


After 1000 broken vows

We will rise again. I promise.

Surrendering to the mystery

of knowing or not knowing.

There Are (No) Mistakes?


Surrendering the life we didn’t up having is a messy process. It requires us to look deeply at how we got where we are and what our choices are that have led us to this place. We are most likely hard on ourselves for all the “mistakes” and even torture ourselves further by telling ourselves that there are no mistakes.

I believe there are mistakes and that it is ok to admit that.

The Blooms After The Storm


And then finally, we can rest in the blooms after the storm.
Surround ourselves with softness and sweetness and rose petal skin.
We can hope again. Day dream even. Think fresh new thoughts.

A Psalm of Grief and Grammar


There are impossible pains

for which there are no words

or phrases which can dislodge

the broken branches and hearts

A Prayer: Lady, You Shine The Light


You shine the light
on the unseen places.
The unhealed places.
The old story places.

The edge of my mind
covered over by thoughts
I picked up on a side street.
Your light shines and reveals
Darling, you don’t need that thought any longer.
Let it go.