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Women's History Month & Show


  Women’s History Month Women and the search for Wisdom featured at the museum in Petaluma I am delighted to be participating in this event with my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Kayleen… Continue reading

A Prayer to the Holy Mothers


    A Prayer to the Holy Mothers   Illuminate for us what we do not see   Resonate through us what we do not hear   Reveal to us the sweetness that… Continue reading

Red Madonna .::. Come to the table!


  Red Madonna .::. Wisdom’s Table .::. 2018 Register by tonight at midnight on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe to join in for our first online gathering of DEVOTION in January.… Continue reading

One of the most talked about women


  Who do you think it is? Just pause and ask yourself. Many names and faces may come to mind…. She is also one of the most painted women, ever, in the history… Continue reading

A Prayer: Lady, You Shine The Light


You shine the light
on the unseen places.
The unhealed places.
The old story places.

The edge of my mind
covered over by thoughts
I picked up on a side street.
Your light shines and reveals
Darling, you don’t need that thought any longer.
Let it go.