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The Healing Fields – An Equinox Psalm


the healing fields – equinox psalm   how does healing happen? is it…forgetting a little at a time that which hurts and waking up one morning just feeling a little bit lighter is… Continue reading

I will not give up. Hear this.


I will not give up. If I go down, I will not stay down too long. I will not give up on the kind of life I want to create. One were ALIVENESS… Continue reading

I shall have lived, living.


do we work our whole life to remember the cadence that was ours in heaven? do we rush to meditation only to try so hard to remember how to slow down? to hurry… Continue reading

Sacred Path VS. Daily Grind: Living With Intention


Living With Intention

We can bring meaning to everything we do. If anyone is looking for a change, a shift, a new way of living in their lives and in their bodies – intentional living is an immediate, palpable, phenomenal possibility! It sounds so simple, and the crazy thing is, that it actually is somewhat simple. Intention may not seem like the hottest new topic. Setting an intention may seem like kindergarten for the enlightened, but life without intention, is rather grim.

While researching the word intention, I found that the latin root, intentio means to stretch or purpose. I also found that definition three of intention was: MEDICINE: The healing process of a wound. Interesting, considering that to bring intention into our daily lives, would indeed be a healing process of a wound, several wounds in fact – apathy, despondency, self loathing, lack of inspiration, slothfulness, greed, disorganization – to name a few.

Do you choose – or are you chosen?


Do you choose, or are your chosen?
Do you make the path
or has it been in you all along?