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Medicine Painting – What is it?


What if we could turn our wounds into wonders? This is an invitation into the Alchemical Heart of Intentional Creativity… to alchemize difficult parts of ourselves & stories into tools of transformation… Working… Continue reading

Italy Retreat – Renew. Reset. Replenish with us?


  We are calling together those who desire to be at cause for their own healing, yet know that with support, we are capable of so much more. Each person will choose what… Continue reading

Painting my prayers : Marks for Las Vegas


  In times of great sorrow, may you learn to be with the knowing and not lose your joy. In times of great collective undoing, may you maintain a strong connection to your… Continue reading

After 1000 Broken Vows


After 1000 Broken Vows After 1000 broken vows We will rise again. I promise. Surrendering to the Mystery of knowing and not knowing, we finally understand that we will not do everything we… Continue reading

The Illuminated Heart on Friday!


The Illuminated Heart Livestreaming Painting Journey with Shiloh Sophia & special guest teacher Sue Hoya Sellars You will enter the terrain of the heart through painting, prayer and opening the eye of the… Continue reading

I am healed.


Creativity is the place in between the two worlds where spirit and matter meet and where I love to dwell. When we visit this ‘location’ in our field there is access to thoughts… Continue reading

The Spirit of Hope – A Writing for Spring


It is Spring Eve, she said to all the Doubts.
Gather around! All of you.

One by one, she called their names aloud:
Like little mice in a fairy tale gone wrong
they congregated at the hem of her garment.
With kindness and fierceness in her voice,
She continued to call on all that prevents:
Gather around! All of you!
Non-Action…Blame…Regret…Cold Heart…
and you too, yes you! Mediocrity. Cynicism.
and Just Joking. And you!
Unwilling to change. Unwilling to look.
Unwilling to see what is needed.
Unwilling to Hope.

Holy Grail of Healing


Lady of Living Water

I call to you from the sands of life

Bring the holy grail of your healing

There Are (No) Mistakes?


Surrendering the life we didn’t up having is a messy process. It requires us to look deeply at how we got where we are and what our choices are that have led us to this place. We are most likely hard on ourselves for all the “mistakes” and even torture ourselves further by telling ourselves that there are no mistakes.

I believe there are mistakes and that it is ok to admit that.

The Blooms After The Storm


And then finally, we can rest in the blooms after the storm.
Surround ourselves with softness and sweetness and rose petal skin.
We can hope again. Day dream even. Think fresh new thoughts.