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Free Red Thread Circles + International Women's Day


  Today is International Women’s Day ~ Let’s Celebrate together! I am writing today with a very special gift for women, a free Red Thread Circle call series to support one another, tell… Continue reading

SHAZAM! Call on February 19!


Get your spot in the SHAZAM Red Thread Circle now – and if you cannot join us live you can get the recording within 24 hours. Share this with women in your life so… Continue reading

I Am Art, I Am Ritual.


That is why on our Red Thread Connection Telecouncil series we invite you to light a candle or have a cup of tea with you. It doesn’t matter what tradition you come from, all of them have different rituals. It is not scary or woowoo.

* When we think something with our mind, step one.
* When we say it with our words or write it down, step two.
* When we take an action to back it up, step three.

Santiago rides again…5 Questions of Self Worth


Here are five questions of worth to consider. Really it is a little journal assignment to remind you how wonderful you are – do you have the time? Perhaps you can make the time…get out your journal or open a doc and jot down some notes, it will take 20 minutes if you don’t try to think too hard, just write what comes up. Or meditate on it in your heart…