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Santiago rides again…5 Questions of Self Worth


Here are five questions of worth to consider. Really it is a little journal assignment to remind you how wonderful you are – do you have the time? Perhaps you can make the time…get out your journal or open a doc and jot down some notes, it will take 20 minutes if you don’t try to think too hard, just write what comes up. Or meditate on it in your heart…

Interview with the Visionary Self – A 20 Minute Breakthrough Practice


The visionary self is really just you wearing your visionary lenses. It is you when you look deeply into your life and your heart with an intention to SEE beyond what is just “there” into what is possible. I believe all of us are visionaries and that we just need practice “being” visionary as it relates to our own life. So here is a little 20 Minute Breakthrough Practice to activate your visionary self!

The reason why this is a “breakthrough” is because by articulating your vision in your mind and heart, and then in writing – you shorten the distance between you and your vision considerably because you are taking time to “touch” the vision.