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A Creative Being Creed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud


My ideas are worth exploring
and my creative acts are sacred, worthwhile and valuable.

I answer the call to create
without feeling I am taking away from something or someone.

I know that I have something unique to say and create,
that is only mine to express and so it is original.

What am I supposed to be doing? And Spirited Woman blogger on the move!


That being said, with all the doomsday reports of everything – I can only feel that I should do that which I am here to do. Sounds simple? Not so simple. I have chosen to do the work I am called to – the creative work. Now some might think that is not as important as other saving the world work, but I have answered the call to create. I cannot do all of it, that I know. Why does doing creative work make us feel guilty? As if it is supposed to amount to something significant or salable to be worthy? I think creativity, the artists, poets, dancers, thinkers and raw food recipe makers are holding the world together through fine golden threads which woven throughout the greed and destruction keep the particles of life from flying apart.