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This Is My Feminism: That I Think The Thoughts That I Want To Think


Living Journal

This is my feminism.

That I might think the thoughts which I would like to think.

Free from the frames of thinking which I have taken on.

Conscious or unconscious.

The Awakened Heart


An awakened heart happens
when a person is awakened
through compassion to an awareness
of the collective beauty and suffering

Stars in their Hair


I have the feet that wear
red high heels
motorcycle boots
I am the juicy playful one
and also
She Who Must Be Obeyed

My story: a development process


Our company, Cosmic Cowgirls is a member owned LLC, with 140 members, with plans for 5000. Our books and our company are a collaboration created by our membership base, who are committed to creating a legacy for their women and girl family members. For example, we plan to meet for 100 years…