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Cages of Our Own Making


Cages of Our Own Making   I let myself out of my cage. I saw the door for the first time and I just stepped out. It was so easy! It’s so beautiful… Continue reading

Warning: Cosmic Cowgirls Aims to Destory the Established Order


People often ask me is Cosmic Cowgirls about healing? And I say, well…yes. Or is Cosmic Cowgirls about creating balance in women’s lives? And say, well no. Not at first anyway. Cosmic Cowgirls… Continue reading

The Life and Lineage of Sue Hoya Sellars


A legendary woman has left this earth, although her lineage continues through those who had the privilege of studying with her both on her land, and at the canvas. Sue Hoya Sellars has… Continue reading

Will you choose to dance?‏


she danced for the love she felt, the love she gave away, and the love she kept… she danced to free her spirit and to free other spirits too she danced in response… Continue reading

LEGEND – Awaken the Hidden Stories Online Painting and Writing Journey


YOU are the only one who can really ROCK your world. You already know this but still, you long for more aliveness. Maybe you are one of the genius ones that takes a… Continue reading

What if the Law of Attraction isn't true…‏


This article was published on Tuesday in Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine, and it caused quite a stir…if you would like to comment with your views, enter the conversation and see what others said, read… Continue reading

Rage Against Mediocrity + Livestream Your Dreams on Saturday‏


The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. don’t go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep. People are going back and forth… Continue reading

Every Woman is the Queen of Her Own Heart


Every woman is the Queen of her own heart She must decide how to govern her own domain. She seeks friends and allies that honor who she is now and who she is… Continue reading

SoulFire – Vision Quest with Dr. Estes: Day 7


Wake, Little One I have been here since before you were you. I am the place the fire happened, yes the physical spiritual location of you where the divine spark of you was… Continue reading

The Queen of Shovels


After 1000 broken vows

We will rise again. I promise.

Surrendering to the mystery

of knowing or not knowing.