Longing for the Blessed Mother


Listen for me

Watch for me

And in an instant

Spirited Woman Interview


And yes it was a mountain top experience. I was literally standing atop a mountain, looking out over hundreds of acres of gorgeous green, and praying. Through this and a series of other eye opening events, I “woke up” to the status of women in the world, as well as to the lack of the Divine Feminine in our lives.

Evolution of A Punk Rock Princess on Highway 101


When I was a teenager one of the most important things to me was to be original. It was clear to me that not only did I not fit in, I did not want to. Even sometimes when I was able to “pull it off” by being normal enough or popular enough even for one day, I kind of felt sick to my stomach about it. At the time I did not have language for what I felt. But now I know that who I had to be in the world according to who other people expected me to be – was not who I actually was. But did I even know who I was? Not really. Life did not afford me that many opportunities to SEE or KNOW who I was and so I was in the dark, like many…

Causing Conversation Cafe, with my mom


We dedicate the entire meal to that conversation, and try to come up with actions steps we can take,
or write about in our poetry or paint about in paintings. This brings so much laughter and togetherness and we take turns choosing the topics.

She Began To Pray – Love Letter #32


I get to enter a conversation in some cosmic way, with you. If you were here I would want to know, how you are feeling about the world right now. How your plans are working out. How our economy and it’s blessings and challenges are changing how you live. I would ask you about your loved ones. Who is happy and who is not doing so good. I would want to know, most of all, about your heart. And what you are doing to nurture it.

Llamar o tocar a la puerta – Teach us the song that opens


that wildsih nature

at the center of our personal


answers me back

#99 Deep on the List of Love Levels: Making A Home For Love


What do we have here
that is real and true
if not our love?
I am not speaking of romantic
love, or love of stuff or that
which is on the surface of love.
We need 100 more words for love
and the love I am speaking of
lives at #99 deep on the list of levels.

Oh Holy Lady – Prayer for Seeing Clearly


Oh Holy Lady

bring eucalyptus and sage

bring bowls of clear broth

Doing good, better


I don’t know what else to do
and I don’t know what is true
but when I do good
I feel God.

Red Thread Trilogy – about the painting Triptich


The Red Thread Trilogy Emraced By Divine Love Scrolls in honor of the life of the Blessed Mother Mary The Annunciation The Visitation The Nativity Created by Shiloh Sophia McCloud Completed March 13,… Continue reading