Marriage Practices – After 15 years…


Here are some of my thoughts after 15 years on marriage practices! The Practice of Cafe’ Sharing Planned Time: My husband Isaiah and I have a practice of “cafe’” almost every day, no… Continue reading

Painting is a Circular Process – A Message From The Art Doctor


But remember that it is good and you are good while you are painting – put that goodness into the painting.

Put the palm of your hand upon the painting. Feel the mystery. Y

ou may think you are painting in circles because you are

but this is not like being lost and going in circles

The Rage Club: Liberating Our Teenage Minds


I befriended the friendless and the outcasts, I shared fashion magazines with the gay kids wearing Armani at 14 in a redneck town named Boonville, I made friends with the group home kids, dated the Mexicans and encouraged the geeks to run for student office because they were the smartest. I listened to the Dead Kennedies and Sweet Home Alabama, I watched A Clockwork Orange, Honeysuckle Rose and Helen Caldicott. I had posters of Willie Nelson and Prince and Jesus on my walls. And I admit, a Matt Dillon. I saw Mary Daly as a tiny child, and I loved Dolly Parton.
I shopped at second hand stores and got vintage clothes when it was decidedly not cool. I rode a skateboard and carried my teddy bear that I have had from birth in my backpack with his head sticking out – he wore a white bone carved Buddha on a black leather string, his name was Girton.

A Prayer: Lady, You Shine The Light


You shine the light
on the unseen places.
The unhealed places.
The old story places.

The edge of my mind
covered over by thoughts
I picked up on a side street.
Your light shines and reveals
Darling, you don’t need that thought any longer.
Let it go.

I believe art is a spiritual practice


I am an artist who creates my work as a Spiritual Practice.
I think of my paintings, which I call Sacred Art, as: Prayers for the world; Offerings of love and hope and rest; Alignment with wellness and beauty; Devotions of gratitude and praise to the Divine; A most delicious outpouring of my soul.

Everything I create is rooted in my desire to ease the suffering of the world. Some of us serve in soup kitchens. Some of us are marching. Some hold the hands of the dying. Some of us teach. Some fight. Some pray. And some of us create art.

Choosing Self – A String of Beads


Eventually one day we will look on top of our
every day dresser and find a whole necklace of
glistening beads. Some are chipped and old.
Some are new and shiny. Some were given by friends.
Some we bought ourselves. Some we found.
Some we may have taken when someone else was not looking.

Nuestra Senora de Chocolata – 10 Questions


? Question 9 of 10: We have a hard time making changes even when we know what we need to do, for our health, finances, relationships – we just keep making the same bad choices. Could we schedule a free humanity wide “tele-course?”
p.s. I am grateful for: chocolate. sunshine. the sound of my lover’s voice.

Perception: Our Lady Keeps Her Eye on the World


There are many things that are out of our individual control. Whether it be the family we are born into and our past, or world affairs or the condition of our local water supply – many of these things are impossible for us to change, or we feel powerless to do anything about. We are continually responding to the past, present and future from a reactive position. Generally speaking: Life is happening TO US. We are not happening to life. There are always exceptions, people who think the thoughts we need to think about how to make transformation possible and find a way to share that with us. And thank you to the brave souls and futurists who through their willingness to think beyond the NOW and into the NOW WHAT realm.

Portland, Girlfriends and Lip Gloss


I am in Portland right now – sitting at my girlfriend Julie’s kitchen table. She is up watching Oprah in her room with her sweet black dog Buddy. We have been friends for… Continue reading

A Ballad to Hwy 101, 128 and 1


(this version is unedited, a straight through writing, I will edit later…) I have always been different. But I didn’t know everyone felt that way, which makes none of us really alone… A… Continue reading