Join me and my gorgeous tribe of wild women in adventures of art and creativity…

Icluding on-line, on-location and on-the-road classes!

Cosmic Cowgirls Black and White

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What women are saying about their experiences with Shiloh Sophia
and the Cosmic Cowgirls:

  • The entire experience, Shiloh, has opened my heart to so much more than the art! You have created such a platform for all introspection and healing on untold levels yet to emerge. During your mentorship with all that you have provided for us from awesome instruction, thoughtful writing prompts and copious hand-holding and love-spreading along the trail these six months, I have grown into a WORTHY WOMAN.
  • This has been a journey full of fun and wonder…unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Thank you for facilitating this journey inward, this journey into creativity, and this journey back to my heart and finding my voice.
  • This class has REALLY stretched me already. I have never painted a face before nor written anything that wasn’t for school or my job. I have taken many spiritual growth classes and this has, by far, been the most powerful and meaningful for me. Even my husband has commented on that!”
  • I am still surprised everytime I look at her…she is so different to any idea I had of what would present itself! It’s been such an amazing adventure…so deep…thank you for allowing a bright, loving space of non judgment in which to do this… – Gaby Hansen UK

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