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Power Creatives TV + Livestream Friday (no cost)


The Torchbearers Show Us How to Make Fire The women who have kept the sacred flame lit throughout the centuries are our ancestors We will never know them by name But they call… Continue reading

Biz-Muse Class for Inventing Your Visionary Business


Biz – Muse – Inventing Your Visionary Business with Stella Mac and Shiloh Sophia October 11th, 08-11am (PST) 11- 2pm (EST) Visionary Business Planning in Paint with the Muse Create a full color… Continue reading

Our Actions Create Abundance


Practice believing in yourself and your project. Walk about it. Dream about it. Make up names for it. If you are a prayer person, pray, if you are a meditation person, meditate, if you are a wish upon a star person, wish and wish and wish. If you are a ‘mostly intellect’ person, think on! As it is all very much about our thinking. If you are a chef, cook it in your soups, if you exercise, move it! FOCUS on it! To create with good intention, can be an act of personal and collective abundance.