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Our Lady of Fire and the Milky Way


One look of love in my direction causes spontaneous combustion. Sparking a blaze to my tender heart of kindling. A wild fire spreads into every dry cell. A multitude of volcanoes erupting causes… Continue reading

a pregnant, unwed teenager…what a story!


A un-wed teenager gets pregnant from God after a visit from an Angel.  She is weaving the veil of the temple with a spool of red thread. Her betrothed almost casts her out,… Continue reading

Enter the golden door of the BLACK MADONNA today…


Dear Ones, Our beloved course, the Black Madonna starts tomorrow, but we let you into the campus today…if you feel a longing to know Her, to paint Her image, and to join over… Continue reading

The Door of My Destiny


Dear Ones, Last night was a powerful conversation – The Black Madonna and the Red Book with Kayleen Asbo. Today in the aftermath of that conversation…my mother wrote and I painted although we… Continue reading

Have you seen our Mother?


Do you smell the scent of our Mother? That intoxicating scent of cinnamon and gardenia flying from her skirts as she moves upon her sandy shores, leaving footprints of frankincense and myrrh. Aloes spring up in the wake of her footsteps. When it is dark we can still find our way by smelling her trail. Smell the cedar? Smell the pine? Smell the redwood? the jasmine, the lily the rose the Smell the sea?

Remember….Nothing is impossible with God


Luke 1:26-38 At that time the angel Gabriel was sent from God into a city of Galilee, called Nazareth, to a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house… Continue reading

Medicine, Madness and Miracles


Medicine Madness and Miracles A Hymn of Renewal   What if we woke up today And the old stories didn’t have their sting? What if we didn’t resist what there is to do?… Continue reading

Healing is possible – A Prayer


Healing is possible Creator built renewal into my bones The heart knows how to do it’s work Allow me to be present for this process Give me the strength and courage to hold… Continue reading

Pray Anyway


We have to reach for love anyway.

We have to call out to God anyway.

We have to reach out our hands to one another anyway.

We have to pray…anyway.

Our Lady's Feast Day and my 116 Works of Art Retrospective


Shiloh, Daughter of Caron, Granddaughter of Eden, Great Grandmother Ethel, Great Great Granddaughter of Nasaya, Granddaughter of Helen, Great Granddaughter of Mary, Sister of Laurel, Shannon and Bridget. Artist Daughter of Sue, Niece of Janet, Child of the Most High, Daughter of the Blessed Mother of All.

Can you hear the voice of your Holy Mother Calling you…? She is here. Come. Sit a while at her campfire and listen as She spins her tale of healing….