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Tending The Sacred Flame: 15½ Love Practices To Stay In Love


nce you get the love of your life, how do you stay – “In Love.” Staying In Love is a cultivation, a plan of action, and sometimes a sacrifice. By “in love” I am not referring to being romantic, or even “hot” in the classical sense. I mean a general overall true affection and appreciation, a feeling of excitement when you see each other, a continued interest in the development of that person, and yes, the sparkle still sparks at least from time to time.

Practicing Peace – A 30 Day Plan for Thriving During Challenging Times


I send you greetings this bright December 1st! I woke up thinking about you again…

and about what so many of us are going through! What a time we are having right now! Whether our challenges are being too busy, being financially stressed or moving through the kind of blues that seem like it will never end, there is always something we can do to lift the dark clouds. I believe!

One of the hardest parts of going through challenging times is that when in the very midst of it, it has this impermeable quality that seems to echo lies like: “this it is how it is now”,which continues to create the sinking feeling we already have. Or we have been skidding downhill for a while now, and it appears there is still very much more skidding ahead, so, despair comes and pounds on the door of our heart and says things like: ”you have been in denial, you are too optimistic, face it, you are going down.”

We have tried red wine and chocolate and festive gathering with friends. We have even tried making a decision to “shop anyway”. But somehow the old quick fixes aren’t fixing. That is because it is not just us – we know of many who are also challenged right now – and it is not that misery loves company because misery is so morbid, it is because we do not want to feel alone in our dark night depth diving.

Perception: Our Lady Keeps Her Eye on the World


There are many things that are out of our individual control. Whether it be the family we are born into and our past, or world affairs or the condition of our local water supply – many of these things are impossible for us to change, or we feel powerless to do anything about. We are continually responding to the past, present and future from a reactive position. Generally speaking: Life is happening TO US. We are not happening to life. There are always exceptions, people who think the thoughts we need to think about how to make transformation possible and find a way to share that with us. And thank you to the brave souls and futurists who through their willingness to think beyond the NOW and into the NOW WHAT realm.

Delivering On A Dream


Has it all been worked out in advance, or is yet to be decided—the great and glorious winged fate of our people and our earth? I much prefer to believe and live my life within the context of having a role in a drama which has not been predetermined and that who I am and what I do can have an impact. Thus my continual fixation on “meaning making” and my commitment to my visions, and the dreams of others.

She Began To Pray – Love Letter #32


I get to enter a conversation in some cosmic way, with you. If you were here I would want to know, how you are feeling about the world right now. How your plans are working out. How our economy and it’s blessings and challenges are changing how you live. I would ask you about your loved ones. Who is happy and who is not doing so good. I would want to know, most of all, about your heart. And what you are doing to nurture it.

The Heart of Things


Some things in my world are as hard as they have ever been – but some things are sweeter than ever. Like my relationships with the people I love – and most especially – my beloved husband, Isaiah McCloud. We have been married now for over fourteen years…

Freedom in Discipline #30 Love Letter


o choose discipline for me, means I am liberated to do what I am here to do:
to minister. to serve. to teach. to bless. to invite. To provide an alternative approach. To cause a creativity revolution. For me, sharing creativity is sharing love – it is my call to action. My heart. My offering.

Tonantzin,The Red Thread and Cosmic Cowgirls


Note from Shiloh about Tonantzin, The Red Thread and The Birth of Cosmic Cowgirls I am so excited and grateful that my dear friend, Native Elder Tonantzin Cihualcoutl Guerra  will be joining us… Continue reading

Finding Hope #29 Love Letter


Go where you are called. Follow your natural affinity towards the love you feel and see where it leads you. Don’t think it needs to be huge or lofty or of the “save the world” quality. Listen closely to what you feel is important and go where it goes – and keep on going and eventually you will find yourself in the middle of your unique service.

The Courage To Love #26 Love Letter


I think the revelation was sparked by my friends who are in divorce conversations – what I hear the most is what they want the other person to say or do that they are not saying or doing. The love is not usually in question, but communication IS in question. So. In my love and suffering for my girlfriends, I contacted a deep longing for my husband.