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Be Art – What does it mean to live life according to personal legend?


What does it mean to BE ART? To choose to live ones life according to one’s personal legend? To not back down and act too normal? To choose to continue to explore into… Continue reading

Red Thread Trilogy – about the painting Triptich


The Red Thread Trilogy Emraced By Divine Love Scrolls in honor of the life of the Blessed Mother Mary The Annunciation The Visitation The Nativity Created by Shiloh Sophia McCloud Completed March 13,… Continue reading

Cosmic Creativity Studio – taking a moment to de-stress…


I can just drop into a story line at anytime and begin taking notes. I don’t do it
in order, so if I don’t remember where I was last time I make up a new character, who is a poet
or topless dancer, and most likely, both.

Life As Art


The thing is, we really can have more creative vitality right now without changing anything physical in our life – at first. Because of course, it starts with our own thoughts. Our headset and our heartset. How we THINK about what IS in our lives. A lot of times, any free space we have to actually THINK is taken up with so much to do and so many stories of the past and so many endlessly looping thought patterns that a moment of stillness is the last thing on our minds!

My Sparkley Suit


When you were a little girl growing up did you:

a. want to be a nun and a solid gold dancer?
b. wonder why fitting in meant not acting like yourself?
c. want to save the world and felt like you actually could?
d. pretend your bicycle was a galloping horse?
e. wonder if being a bad girl was funner than being a good girl?
draw yourself with a crown on your head?’
wonder if being a bad girl was funner than being a good girl?

or were you one of the bad girls?
or were you BOTH the bad girl and the good girl?