Medicine Painting – What is it?

What if we could turn our wounds into wonders?

This is an invitation into the Alchemical Heart of Intentional Creativity…

to alchemize difficult parts of ourselves & stories into tools of transformation…

Working with the idea of the ‘canvas’ as your apothecary, to create an

expressionistic intuitive medicine painting… what will the brush reveal?


.::A P O T H E C A R Y::..

Medicine Painting Online Course with Shiloh Sophia

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Dear One,

The other day, not far from our home, there was another shooting, this one was a decorated veteran, shooting the people who had previously tried to help him. Really grieving this, along with all of the other shootings in the US and around the world. This one stung in another location for me, as it came on the heals of a conversation with Jonathan, my love.

You might not know this, but he was a soldier, and was in combat, and was in the field of rescue. I have asked him for years to share more with our community about his experience of healing. Some of which has taken place with me and in Intentional Creativity (his way) through poetry and process – and the previous work he did in Cognitive Therapy. His story is potent and it has taken time for him to be willing to tell it. It was his idea for the new class, A P O T H E C A R Y – and for the subtitle, Tragedies to Remedies. He will step out from behind the camera to tell his story and how for him, that works with Intentional Creativity and his support for the work.

I am really focused on this right now, so will keep this brief, as my page is long but I think it will be a good read whether you choose to join us or not, because the core technology of my life work is in the codex of this class. I hope you will consider joining me for this important intensive, and even if you don’t paint, and you just watch, it could be catalyzing and entertaining 🙂 This one won’t be a face…. but it will have visual journaling from Jenafer Joy to integrate. We begin on the full moooooooon!

Medicine painting is simply painting with an intent to heal and illuminate.

I grieve what is happening right now in our precious world. This is one of the ways I am sharing my gifts. I have to. There is sacred medicine available that lives within the practice of creative acts. Coupled with intuition and intention, it is alchemy.

Sending love along the thread, from where I am, to where you are.

With heart,


‘Who lives in here?’ ~ Sue Hoya Sellars

Ready? Let’s go!






May Love Be At The Center of All Choices