Milky Way Mythos + Exciting Bay Area Events


Be not afraid, even though there is cause.

What you were born for will be made manifest

You too, must say yes and show up

In Person Events with Shiloh Sophia

Spend this Sunday with me? Starting with church in the morning in San Francisco, followed later in the day by a concert and art show.

Sunday March 4th: The Alchemy of Showing Up with Shiloh Sophia
Unity Spiritual Center in San Francisco. Service starts at 11am. Free to all.
Come to church!

Sunday March 4th: Women & The Search for Wisdom at 4pm
Opening Gala curated by Dr. Kayleen Asbo, in celebration of Women’s History Month. Petaluma Historical Library & Museum. Shiloh Sophia will be in attendance & her art will be featured + sculptures from Sue Hoya Sellars

March 13. 14. 15. Red Thread Circle Stream & Gathering
More coming soon…

International Gatherings

May 2018: PRISM Leadership Retreat with Shiloh Sophia, Jonathan McCloud and Host, Jassy Watson. Melbourne. Australia

September 2018: Lady Cloud Clinic Tuscany with Shiloh Sophia, Jonathan McCloud & Guest Teachers and Healers

Online Courses with Intentional Creativity Teachers

Earth Prayers : Sumi-e Painting Course with Annette Wagner

Mystical Mother : Painting Pilgrimage with Emily K Grieves

Momentum : Muse Driven Business Journey with Jenafer Joy

Constellation : Website & Newsletter Course with Danna Clare

Milky Way Mythos


From the place

No one told you existed

I called to you


Come find me

I have never left

yet wish to speak


To speak into your life

as the most potent presence

of you, that you aren’t living


Will you make yourself supple,

available and ready for this?

This happening is happening


The hidden, long gone unchecked

will rise up unbidden and

tear down all walls with thunder


Yet you, can call the thunder

You do not need to wait for

catastrophe to wake yourself up


This is why I am here now with you

As you, have always been you

you didn’t become a new you


The new is revealed as the ancient you

into the future potential now happening

The compass flips, the map changes


The map of your life is adjusted

each time you enter new terrain

What then would happen without adventure?


You are part of an invisible counsel

yet you can choose to call this counsel

at any cafe you can look and find us in real time


All of us, here, with you

doing the work all must do

to wake and walk a sacred path and celebrate!


Finding the tribe of the heart,

a joy that can be ours

is a gift to be cherished


The Milky Way is your cloak of skin

your sack of stars reveals mystery

to those with eyes to see


Your internal codex is now ready

lighting up that which was dark

showing you the lexicon of your legend


Follow the path where it leads and

you can never go wrong

You make the path as you go along


Be not afraid, even though there is cause

What you were born for will be made manifest

You too must say yes and show up


Will you?

I will?

Will you?


Shiloh Sophia

Painting from LEGEND – COSMIC COWGIRLS COURSE – still in process.

Take the Great Adventure – Acrylic on Canvas

Feel free to share with other cosmic beings you know and share poetry and imagery to inspire and catalyze. We need beauty in between all the other posts that challenge humanity. This one has some fierce beauty to it that feels potent for our times.

Share Painting & Poem

Dear One,

Greetings upon your day. Your life. Your worries. Your blessings.
I write from my heart about my creative process, sharing it with you in hopes of sparking you towards your own creative process and discovery.

This painting and writing isn’t new for me. Same style, same kind of message that came from the painting. Yet each time it goes deeper for me. Each time I learn more about myself and how to show up. And I wonder, how does anyone really get to know themselves – really – if they aren’t creating, or meditating or teaching? This inside job part of being human is really something, isn’t it? This LEGEND class with the Cosmic Cowgirls has been an eye opener and I am not through it yet. The jaguar, the mythical child, the pathway, the flowers, the masculine, the stars…all teachers.

I am always delighted to discover something I didn’t see before. That was waiting for me. For me what happened here is the continuation of seeing myself and my community in context of the unfolding planetary mythos and story. Of letting the imaginal realm inform me about how I could show up that I already am, and in ways that perhaps I haven’t been, that I could be.

This week COLOR of WOMAN 2018 begins and I turn my eyes towards this group of women leaders, teachers and healers coming into our circle of study.

Wherever you are, whatever you are working with, I wish to send the presence of connection to you along the red thread. I wish to have you feel supported, simply because I am extending the idea to you that you are. How it all works in the quantum realm, I don’t know. I know when I am writing to you, I think of you. Your worries, cares, challenges, stories and ideas.

With a shimmer of rain and starlight,


Photo taken during filming by Jonathan McCloud


Contact Information

Cosmic Cowgirls ~ 75 Fremont Drive, Sonoma, California 95476


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May Love Be At the Center of All Choices