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“Can you be with me, where I am,
without needing me to be somewhere else other than I am,
and without you needing to be somewhere else,
that is more comfortable for you?”
quoted from my new novella in process, The Animal Queen

Intentional Creativity Calendar of Happenigs

Events online and in person!

The first five classes we are featuring here make me smile super duper big! Because each of these women is an Intentional Creativity Teacher and Graduate of Color of Woman School, and also, my friend and colleague. It isn’t easy getting your work launched in the world…and when it happens, I want to beat the drum and celebrate the victory of women’s voices!

If you are looking for a fresh taste of Intentional Creativity from someone other than me, this is it! Four of these teachers also studied with
Sue Hoya Sellars! And one, is free from dear Uma Joy, and I got to do the Red Thread Circle opening and lead a painting class.

Further down you will find two exciting events for me, Australia and Italy! Ready for an adventure?

I am also part of an exciting show for Women’s History Month at a museum curated by my friend Kayleen Asbo, check it out if you are in the Bay Area!

Blessings with your creations!

Leading isn’t something that happens alone. It isn’t a solo adventure into being brave or being the best at all there is. It isn’t about hiding all your flaws or making yourself look better than you are. Lots of systems are set up that way and we all know they don’t work. Leading is a together activity. It is something we take turns doing or we get too tired and give up before our time. Don’t buy some bill of goods about how good you are supposed to be in order to share your gifts. It isn’t true. Just lead you. And in that self-discovery you will encounter those who are also leading themselves. These are the kind of people to make friends with. To have tea with. To dispel myths with. This is the kind of leadership that will guide the future: The Together Kind of Leadership “~ excerpted from Shelter of the Sacred

Dear One,

This morning my Muse woke me up at around 3:30. I am writing a story that goes with one of my paintings and it keeps stirring me to waking. It keeps asking me to write more and tell more stories. About our current predicament as a nation.

It is wonderful sometimes to have something so on your mind and heart that you can’t not be thinking about it! And I love how myth and sometimes satire, helps you see what you might not be seeing. I thought it was going to be about 15 pages but now it is over 70 and I just can’t stop, it is pouring out and writing itself through me. A lot of my Intentional Creativity medicine is finding it’s way into this story about a woman in the middle of her life, finding the imaginal realm and exploring her wild nature in the company of other wild souls.

I do wish we could have tea and sit together to explore – what is it that you see, what do think is happening at a grander scale? All the spiritual and mythical stories I knew have run out and so…for now…I am making up my own. I guess in a way I have always done that. What about you?

My mom used to tell me when we moved, that I could adjust who I was if I wanted. One time she even let me change my name. I changed it back, but it was fun exploring who Jesslyn Johnson was. She is still in here somewhere. This idea of being able to shift ever so slightly how I dressed or how I showed up was gift as it gave me a kind of fludity I still cherish today as an artist.

“I have so much to tell you.” This is one of my favorite lines from my beautiful husband Jonathan, and today I just wanted to share it with you. I really do have so much to share, but today I wanted to share the upcoming events with you. New paintings and writings coming up!

blessings dear one, truly, blessings, you got this!

Photo above by Jonathan McCloud


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