discovering secret doors in times of need


One day you will look

and find the place

you never looked before

that has been there all along.

WIP Legend – Oracle and Ally – Working title – Coming Closer

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One day you will look

and find the place

you never looked before

that has been there all along.

Then you will remember

though you won’t be fully certain

what it is you remember.

You just feel it and know it

without words.


Then you will walk into the forest

the one you have walked in

many times only this time

you see the secret doors.

Doors you imagined existed

but had no idea where to look.

Somehow you just knew

there were secret doors

that needed opening by you.


You will know that you have

prepared all of your life

to knock on the secret doors

now made visible to you.

You however, will not be prepared

at all for the surprising access.

This sacred rite is a gift of grace

that you will have to live into.

You may choose not to look all at once.


You will find messages you wrote

to yourself that you don’t remember writing.

You will find maps that you drew

to places you have never been

but have always missed.

You will step out of who you

have carefully crafted yourself to be

and into who you already are

and it will be natural.


It will be natural,

once you get used to flying

without wings or need for certainty.

You will want to tell everyone

about the secret doors we can’t see

because we aren’t looking with the eyes of the heart

the ones we didn’t know were there.

Take your time, there is no hurry here.


Little darlin’ take your time.

P.S. I don’t have a title for the poem yet, if you do, come comment. I don’t want to be too obvious like Hidden Doors, but not to obtuse either, like Access. Thoughts on the title?

Photo by Jonathan McCloud


Dear One,

Discovering secret doors in times of need helps us to stay awake. That’s why I write as my morning practice. During hard times, I like to pray in paint and poetry. It is how I stay in my heart. I am so sorry for what is happening around the world. The desire to shut down can be huge. I must first turn inward then my gaze will be steady when I look at my fellow country people. All of them, every single one is a part of the unfolding story.

Listening to the poets and the tears of the poets, helps me discover my place, like this below from Kate Tempest. I love the NOVA one because it just focuses on her – but the other series is Part One of several extremely moving pieces on who we are and where we are. It isn’t uplifting per say if you look with ordinary eyes. But to me, it looks like hope because there is consciousness.

I know that the tragedy in Florida has rippled through our hearts and our circles and our homes. We don’t need to know them to mourn them. It is so difficult to let it in, it just crashes in whether we try to block it or not. The shootings these past few years have their own domain of mourning within the constellation of grief I tend as part of my wild garden.

The things I read about it – including the hashtags and the language is all we can muster – yes -we remember- but what can we do? Many of us feel helpless. In Intentional Creativity it is not unlike putting your mask on first if you are on an airplane. Take care of yourself so you are well enough to tend others. This is just one thing among many.

So for those of you who feel called who are students of Intentional Creativity – 17 stars – dots – sprinkles into whatever canvas can bear it. Pray how you pray. Get conscious and present. We can’t block it out but we also can’t let it interupt our personal pysyche to the degree we become incapable of caring for ourselves and our loved ones. Well activism stems from being well ourselves first.

Deep into my LEGEND process I keep thinking of everything as a myth – a story unfolding with villians and heroes. And I am a part of that story and have agency and sovereignty to act. This helps with some context.

I don’t have more wisdom right now. So many tugging on the red thread for what is needed. Holding my piece of creativity as resiliency strongly.

blessings dear heart

written with tear stained keyboard and fingers on a much needed day off

in which I choose to write poetry, and send it to you.

writing to you is acknowledging my experience, and inving you to yours and creating openings

from which to act.

Will you pick up the pen and tell your story? It helps make contact with those secret doors hidden within.

Shiloh Sophia








May Love Be At The Center of All Choices