UnCloaking the Mire + funny video (I hope)


Mired in a myth of false systems

each person who chooses consciousness

is called to ongoing acts of awakening


At some point in our lives, somewhere within

we know, something, has gone awry

At first we may not know where to look


The very things we were taught to trust

that were said to protect, become suspect

This awareness can cause us to choose slumber


We don’t want to believe it, can’t imagine it

Struggle to understand why, and who, and what

and truly, how it could have been allowed!


Excerpt from ‘UnCloaking the Mire’ ~ continue reading below for full poem

Painting: Close up of of Chief Soulfire by Shiloh Sophia


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Looking at the stories of our ancestors shows us

ancient patterns of domination from as far back

as we can see, with some patterns of freedom woven


Freedom, often temporary, often fought for,

Freedom that is ‘won’ over another, is it then, truly freedom?

Does a truly free place exist within us, can we find it?


The process of awakening comes in layers

of engagement with all the places we already live,

eat, breathe, pray, give, take, speak and have membership


Let each person who chooses discover for themselves

where their own life force has been adapted to a system

that is not kind to the ongoing story of our people and planet


Here’s a few to consider, to spark your own inquiry,

to summon the sleeper into consciousness and action

to review visible and invisible allegiances and alliances


What’s included in your list?


Medical, Education, Government, Religion, Race,

Banking, Technology, Family Systems, Tradition,

Agriculture, Social Norms, Military, Ecology, Talent,

Male/Female Roles, Sexuality, Water Systems,

History and the Marketing that keeps it in place


Each system in and of itself is not a false system

How we live it, exploit it, promote it and dominate it

is how it can become false, not for our best interest


Those who are invested in keeping it in place

are so invested in keeping it in place they may not

even know it exists anymore


The disappearing of the original vision which

gave rise to the need for it, is part of the cloaking

of the story they choose to tell about infrastructure


What if the list sounded something more like this?


Health, Learning, Order, Divinity, Diversity,

Abundance, Connectivity, Lineage, Stories,

Food, Relationships, Protection, Earth Home, Self Expression

Partnerships, Pleasure and Reproduction, On-going Life,

Stories Past and Future and Communications


Everything comes down to relationships

with the primary relationship being how we feel

about ourselves, our bodies, our hearts, our hopes


Many of us feel ashamed, worthless, not enough

How has this been allowed, perpetuated, promoted?

How can we move out from here in beauty and power?


I haven’t written today with answers,

Rather, with inquiries of awakening, to know, for ourselves

how we are hooked in and how to unhook


It’s personal and unique to each one of us

Each person has their own bond story to each system

Awakening includes discovering your own way


UnCloaking the mire within myself is mine to do

My sacred responsibility to uncloak and in that, find voice

I hope, to call others to awaken to their self expression


To become awake I do not need to be free, be well,

or instantly remove myself from every system

in which I experience the benefits of membership


I will also not spend all of my precious time

pointing fingers, making lists and making wrongs right

I have moved into an alternate reality revolution


There are lots of us over here, having exited

the mire of false systems to the best of our ability so far

We have called a gathering and you are invited


To become awake begins with choosing to be awake

To stay awake and in action continues with storytelling

Starting with telling my own story and listening to yours

.::. Upcoming Announcements .::.

Lady Cloud Clinic Retreat – Sonoma CA – 1 Spot just opened due to a cancelation – begins Thursday


PRISM: Melbourne Australia – 2018 Retreat for Innovative Creatives & Leaders

IMAGINE – Online Painting Circle – Coming in the Spring

P.S. Your lists of course may be very different than the ones shared here, make your own lists, as it helps each of us identify for ourselves and our involvement.

This writing is inspired by my relationship with Sue Hoya Sellars who taught me to see beyond the visible where systems are concerned and taught my young girls self words like uncloak and mire!

I didn’t really know what a mire was – so I looked it up since Sue, used it a lot. When I think of patriarchy and how it works, this now makes sense.

“A mire is a wetland type…Mires arise because of incomplete decomposition of organic matter, due to waterlogging and subsequent anoxia. Like coral reefs, mires are unusual landforms in that they derive mostly from biological rather than physical processes, and can take on characteristic shapes and surface patterning.

Mires are a kind of “…living relic… [A] living skin on an ancient body”[4] in which successive layers of regular plant growth and decay are preserved stratigraphically”

From Wikipedia

And now for some comic relief perhaps….Snip Snip….

Snip…Snip…Try the snip…snip…This video on Facebook is a sneak peek into the Legend class part way through the process. Enrollment for Legend is now full. We hold 1-2 Courses per year with a different theme. This time it’s Oracle & Ally. We will announce when the next course enrollment opens. email jenaferjoy.cosmiccowgirls@gmail.com with questions.

If you aren’t on Facebook, you can watch here too.

“My revolution shows up unexpectedly

Its not naïve but believes in miracles

Cannot be categorized targeted branded

Or even located

Offers prophecy not prescription

Is determined by mystery and ecstatic joy

Requires listening

Is not centralized though we all know where we’re going

It happens in stages and all at once

It happens where you live and everywhere

It understands that divisions are diversions

It requires sitting still and staring deep into my eyes”

Eve Ensler

I would like to share this video with you: My Revolution Lives In This Body – Written by Eve Ensler, Performed by Rosario Dawson

Red Thread Letter

Dear One,

I know we all have different views. I don’t write these to create agreement. But to stir up awakening in a good way. I was raised in a women’s movement and it is still deep and true within me to serve women and those that they love. I am mindful not to point fingers and find myself at fault as often as I find others. That’s ok – it keeps me awake to my often invisible part in all of it. But now I know it and see it and can choose my part more clearly.

I have dedicated my life to making art and poetry the method by which I stir awakening and yes I wonder if it is enough in the current form. You may wonder this too – with the state of things. I love that I get to teach teachers, because on any given day – they are also serving. I am in deep personal inquiry about what is next for my work and how it shows up in the world. I just felt I needed to get this said and thought you might enjoy the stir too – and a little comic relief. There is a lot being said about waking up – and while there may be rage or anger – for me it feels more like the breaking of a spell – so you see that woven throughout my writings.

We are preparing our space for an incredible event, the first of it’s kind, called Lady Cloud Clinic. I just had a meeting with the healers on the team and it is very exciting to explore together, what is it, really, that is possible in healing.
I will let you know how it goes, of course. We just had a cancellation so there is still, one space open if you feel called, email me back.

Blessings on your journey dear one

with a red thread and pink rose petals

Shiloh Sophia




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