Doors Closing + Doors Opening + Grieving Dreams


The future showed up today
and invited me to tea
I was told to get myself ready
and leave my old dreams behind

I got dressed and off I went
cake was served with the tea
while I waited on the future,
wondering if I was ready or not

When the future finally showed
all I could see was a paintbrush as big as the sky
white bristles, black handled magic mojo making
moving gracefully along the ridge writing…

“We are co-creators of this happening
Get your brush and your pen, your drum
and your bell, your boots and your colors
and let’s get to work, the next line is yours…
so what is it that you will say with your life?”

I replied. I am ready.

“I am Ready” Photo by Jonathan Lewis, January 2018

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Dear One,

Have you taken the time to honor,
what did not come true?
What didn’t happen the way you planned?
Can you admit it to yourself
without making yourself wrong?
Can you let yourself grieve dreams?

My dreams did not come true.
My ideas of how this life goes crashed down.
I entered the reckoning cave
wearing garments of disillusionment
and bringing a journal and many black pens
to get it all down and write it all out.

It was a fine day when, finally curiosity got the best of me.
A luminous mist entered the cave
and gently rolled the rock away.
I had done my time and I was ready.

‘Every cave has its cycles,’ I said to myself.

I claimed my time in the darkness
as my mourning for the old dream.
Then I put on the new dress that curiosity brought along.
It was brightly colored, of course,
and stitched together with red threads and purple ribbons,
made just for me.

I found the nearest café and took out my journal.
“This is a new day,” I wrote, somewhat cautiously.
Looking around to see if anyone would challenge this idea
or tell me it was the same day as before.

Sipping my latte I had a brilliant idea arise!
Instead of choosing a new dream I witnessed
what my life had revealed through the living of it.

I looked for new language for my experiences.
I decided, that although at times I didn’t think I could go on,
I had survived, and I have stories to tell.

Perhaps others too had broken dreams
and needed permission slips to move along
to a new day waiting to happen.

Excerpted from Shelter of the Sacred by Shiloh Sophia

I just find that we move on so quickly – without really allowing ourselves to say what hasn’t gone as planned. So part of my January cycle is to acknowledge what didn’t turn out so I can open up for tea with the future 🙂

We have classes upon which the doors are closing, and classes upon which doors are opening. If you desire to work with me online through Intentional Creativity anytime between now and spring – this is your chance. I won’t have many online offerings in 2018 as I have in years past, but the things I am offering are the best of what I have – truly. We have had a lot of adjusting with the fires, rescheduling and cancelling and moving things around – so we won’t be going to New York to the UN again this year, or Wisdom 2.0. We are instead focusing on our core curriculum as shared in the graphic above outlining my work with Intentional Creativity.

The photo of me above was taken as part of my Legendary photoshoot with Jonathan McCloud – something playful and fun we do in our LEGEND course. I love it because it makes me smile. Smiling, is good.

Thinking of you. Been writing since it was pure dark. Now the light fills the sky and my heart. It is time for Red Thread Cafe with my love and kitties.

Shiloh Sophia

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