Have you ever been called 'too much'?


Have you been told you are just too much? This is for you.

Photo by Jonathan McCloud

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Too Much Woman

Too Much Woman

Watch out!

It’s a wide load woman

Coming through!

She Laughs too loud

Talks too long

Wears too much red

Walks too heavy

Dances too wild

Howls at the moon too crazy

Hips too big

Cleavage way too in your face

Too much glitter flying

Gives too much

Too big for her britches

Too smart for her own good

Her hair is definitely too big

She is a too much woman

She apologized too long

So now she’s just too much

But without the apology part

Sometimes too much is too good

Watch out!It’s a wide load woman

Coming through!

She’s a piece of work!

Why not?



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Inspired by the too much women of LEGEND : Cosmic Cowgirls

Yes that’s a ship on my head.

A gift from my too good husband!Haaaahaaaa!

This is pic of me from yesterday calling women to their fierce selves. It just makes me laugh since my face is all scrunched up but somehow I like it lol.

Dear One,

It’s a rainy Saturday and I had to work. Beginning of the year already behind blues. But I got my coffee and my sparkle uggs on and the poem of sorts dropped in inspired by my women’s circle in Legend. (it lacks literary rigor but makes up for it in telling a common story ) In a circle call we just had, I asked what they had been withholding – and it turns out – we have been withholding a lot. Many of us were surprised. So this is for them, and for all the women who feel they are too too much and have been taking sh*t for too too long. Perhaps you can relate.

Today I signed over a hundred of my new book, Shelter for the Sacred and sent them on their merry way to women around the world. Now I believe it is happy hour at our house.

I hope you are able to take some time for you this weekend. Time to gaze at the window at nothing. Walk no where special. Sit around in fuzzy slippers gazing into the future.

Signed with a lot of loving pouring through from this too much woman,











May LOVE Be at the Center of All Choices