Revolutionary Education with Shiloh Sophia, the Guild & Cosmic Cowgirls


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Dear Wild Ones Called to the Colorful Threads of Creativity,

I am pleased to share the Intentional Creativity Curriculum for 2018. I hope you will consider joining us for some of the festivities of heart, art and soul happening online and in person.

Intentional Creativity isn’t just a class or concept. Isn’t a brand. Isn’t something we made up. It is something ancient. What our community is doing is shedding a light on how creating with mindfulness transforms how we are living. Some have said, that their relationship with Intentional Creativity is more like a lifestyle. It isn’t a painting style. It isn’t my work. It is our work, together as a people. To wake ourselves up and show up and have a great time in the process!

It isn’t limited to painting, or writing, but to all mediums including making soup and making love. Intentional Creativity is an approach to live by in which we bring mindfulness to the acts of our hands, hearts and bodies and are informed in the process.

We live by the Muse Moon so don’t try to keep track of everything we are doing around here. We just say – go where you are drawn. And follow the trail of the wild self to that place and you will find us there just in time. Yes, we will already be there waiting for you!

Over three hundred women travelled with me last year in deep trainings and thousands more for daylong or weekend classes. It is not suggested to take more than two courses at a time.

This graphic sums up my core Intentional Creativity Curriculum for those desiring deeper study in this incredible work of waking up through your own wild creative process.

There are also LOTS of classes by Intentional Creativity Teachers who are Color of Woman Graduates and they too will be sharing their work throughout the year.

Intentional Creativity Curriculum Schedule Online + In Person

January 1 – Red Thread Guide – 4 months. Registration is closed but if you have some ridiculous sense that you missed this boat, you can reach out to as I know someone recently withdrew. This is to train women in basic ritual and circle leadership to share with your own communities.

January 1 – Red Madonna – Wisdom’s Table – A 2 Year Long experience in painting, writing, poetry and practice. Work on one painting for two years and deepen your skills! This is our 8th year. Faith based with women from different traditions.

January 11 – LEGEND – Oracle and Ally – this is our Cosmic Cowgirls course running for over 9 years. This is the dangerous one that invites you to step into a new mythos. This is required for COLOR of WOMAN so if you plan to join us for 2019 – this IS your next move. If you are in COLOR of WOMAN 2018 – this is also your next move.

February – Lady Cloud Clinic – The first time we will try this – combining healing modalities with IC. This is part of the future of IC work for me. How we can weave healing with IC in direct and potent ways. In Sonoma, CA

March – Color of Woman Training – Full. Applications for 2019 will be open likely late Summer. This is our training that guides women into becoming Intentional Creativity teachers – and developing their own curriculum.

April – IMAGINE – A Year and A Day – Intentional Creativity Women’s Painting and Writing Circle – this class ROCKED and I can’t wait to start a new huge painting. This is a move of sanity for the team.

April – PRISM Leadership Lab : Quantum + Art + Action – Australia with Jonathan McCloud and special guest Jassy Watson Earthist – in person only.

COMPASS – Intentional Creativity Coach – Muse hasn’t said when the doors will open. The invitation page has been ready for months…This includes more graphic recording elements in image and word and is focused not on painting, but graphic thinking and corporate work and private coaching clients.

All of this that is available at present, can be found at

Sending much love for your course of study in 2018. Intentional Creativity is life saving for many of us – is like coming home and creates resiliency.

When we create with intention, we are changed, the work is changed and those who relate with it can also be changed.

I have been working on this work for over 25 years. I have not stopped. Have not taken my red cowgirl boot off the path. And it is my great honor to share it with all of you. I give thanks to my mom, Caron McCloud, the poet mother and Sue Hoya Sellars the painting mother, for training me in these great and wonderous mysteries. And thanks to those of you who work with us to bring this work out into the world and our communities at large!

With love along a very colorful and grateful thread,

Maestra Shiloh Sophia