Red Madonna .::. Come to the table!


Red Madonna .::. Wisdom’s Table .::. 2018

Register by tonight at midnight on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe to join in for our first online gathering of DEVOTION in January. Together we will plan our sacred practices for the year and reset our altars with our intentions.

Invitation to Wisdom’s Table


She is a tree of life to those that embrace her

~ Proverbs

Imagine…a sisterhood gathering around a table. We light the candles. We break bread. We read holy texts. We pray for one another. We ask for healing. We offer healing. We bring our stories. We seek counsel from one another. We pass the red thread weaving our lives together in a sacred manner.

Imagine bringing forth the teachings of the female ancestors and exploring their legends with new eyes. We sit together with women teachers who each bring their experience and stories to the rest of us. Each teacher has a different perspective and a diverse cultural tradition way of walking on her path, yet she shares it with all of us.

We will explore devotion through painting, poetry, prayer and practice. A feast is being prepared now.

Will you come to the table with us for an experience of sisterhood? We are waiting for you to join us. Your cup has been poured and your place has been set. Blessings today on the Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe!

Since my early twenties I have celebrated this day in a special way – from huge feasts to workshops. The past 5 days I have been gathered with sisters honoring and celebrating HER each in our own way. I love this day too, because it is a day in the calendar year when more people are honoring the Blessed Mother than any other day…but Christmas, and that is pretty awesome.

We have women from all different traditions in our community, for us the Red Madonna is an over-arching archetype than encompasses all of us.

Blessings to each of you!


Red Madonna: Wisdom’s Table







May Love Be At the Center of All Choices