Here's what I am thinking about….

Do what you desire
not because you might die
but because you might live

Six Generations – Photo by Hobby Parent of her family




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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller

Do what you desire
not because you might die
but because you might live

The framework
from which you view your life
is informing all of your choices

What do you choose?
What is truly essential today?
What does your heart speak?
Let’s practice awakeness and in that find presence
and in that, truly live

Awakening to Fullness – Painting for my husband, Jonathan McCloud,
for his birthday.

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Dear One,

Greetings to you precious being. I wonder how you are faring through all these changes so many of us seem to be experiencing…You are all in my prayers….seems like the prayer wheel just keeps turning and turning.

So here’s what I am thinking about – about how we make up these frameworks which are often invisible – because they are old default settings. And instead of living like we are dying, living like we are living – and how different would that be? For me, when I ask myself – what’s on the bucket list – or what does living now free of fear look like – I get different information.

So just for the moment – can you create a fear free space to dream into about what is important. It isn’t that there aren’t things to fear, certainly there are. Yet, can we take time to exit that mode and enter into a mode where our mind and heart can soar? Just to see where that is. To touch the magic – and somehow weave that magic back into our day to day lives. The MUSE class I am teaching on Saturday is going to be all about choosing a new framework – you can come in person, usually we are full but there is space – or you can watch online or later. This is my last livestream of the year (that I know of) lol.

This has been quite a few weeks, or is it months? From the fires to many deaths in my immediate circle. Lots of grieving and gathering. Lots of conversation about meaning – and life and death. We have lost another Color of Woman Graduate to cancer, a student who is a mother of teens, who studied with myself and Sue. Two spiritual Fathers in our communities. And more at the gate. So keeping the candles burning is important and staying connected.

I have lots of happenings happening that I choose to continue to show up for – so this Red Thread Letter is focusing on what I am up to. Painting, Supper Clubs and invitations to the Intentional Creativity Trainings in 2018 that are my life work. Do I want to crawl into bed and hide – of course – and so I do. For a few hours at a time and then I think of you, and all the people I love and how having tea with you means the world to me.

In my soul I am good. There seems to be a need to make a distinction between what is happening around me – and me. To only let in that which I can manage – and to keep being clear that I AM GOOD. And in that being good am capable of serving others when my well is full enough.

Last weekend we had a healing circle for those impacted by the fire – so lovely with prayers and laying on of hands and teachings about giving and receiving.

We celebrated Jonathan’s birthday this week – here we are at the ocean – we got to spend the whole day just playing and dreaming.

Sending love to you right where you are – from right where I am.


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“Be courageous and do it! This was one of the most interesting internal journeys I ever did. I learned a lot about and made friends with myself. I am more confident in my painting. I use intentional creativity to problem solve and to ask questions. I became more connected to myself and my life and more interested in both. And I now have contact with my internal guidance system which might easily be the most important outcome of the program.”

~ Corrina Jaeger, Color of Woman 2017 Graduate

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May LOVE be at the CENTER of all CHOICES