Personal Fire Update – Rising to the Occasion

Rising to the Occasion – Let those who are able to, show up!

Showing up looks different for each person. What does it look like for you?

For me it looks like teaching our intuitive painting class, DARE with Chris Zydel and Flora Bowley, Friday. I found myself calling all the women to call their own circles. I don’t usually do that unless the people are in a business course with me, or in my teacher training.

Yet there I was, calling to the women who had braved fire and smoke to come into Red Thread Circle in the Unity sanctuary which opened the doors to us to teach our class after it had to be moved to a new location due the fires. Yes my studio and our home, is in the fire zone

I asked the women:

Will you be the one receiving the support or the one giving the support?
Will you step just beyond the threshold now and be healed enough
to gather others, or will you be the one needing to be gathered?

Let those who are able, rise up and call their circles. AHO and AMEN! You are needed. You know this. You don’t need to be a rockstar or have all your stuff in a pile – you just need to share that love you already have in ‘form’.

Further, this is what I MUST do, this is my focus, to gather you together for stories, for alchemy and for cake! This is my piece of the red thread, my assignment to create experiences for transforming trauma and celebration when we can. And it is healing for me to continue to provide healing spaces for you. And yes, rest in between as I am now. The work of Intentional Creativity for the past 25 years has been my training to prepare me for these times both of my Grandmothers told me would come in my life time. Well, here I am. Ready to serve, BUT, in the way I am meant to serve. I am an artist and one who calls circles and calls others to call circles. So that is how I will serve.

We are in the process of developing an Intentional Creativity process that can be done step by step for those recovering from fire. We are working on things that can just be done with paper and pen. Maybe this week some of it can happen in evacuation places – and in homes. During much of these past few months of the storms of life, our teachers have been in the places of need offering their love. We are working on getting donations for specific art supplies from mega art stores.

Regarding marketing/sharing good work during ‘these times.” Yesterday a friend who was impacted by the fire was asked by someone in her community how she could be ‘marketing’ during a time like this as we were inviting people to our book signing last night in the city. We felt angry. This is our sacred work and we will do it no matter what and most especially now, tell people about it. We who are in service, don’t stop teaching during these times, we amplify our teachings, and become a shelter for others. And yes, our businesses must go on, as our teams and our programs are going to be greatly impacted by this fire. So we can’t just stop – women who work for and with us have families to feed – no joke – and so we continue on in our service.

This is distinct from opportunistic approaches created by predatorial companies who use crisis to sell stuff to the downtrodden. Or how about this, did you know that people are dressing up in police tee-shirts, asking people to evacuated and then robbing their houses? Ya. So if those of us who are in the fire zone are fierce, there is a reason for it. My husband is not leaving our home for other reasons, and how ridiculous is it that people who are fleeing these disasters have to worry about their homes being burnt and looted? Sigh. Really? Who are we as a people? Strange and beautiful times.

A modern day Priestess who can, rises to the occasion of service in any and all crisis that she can. And yes, continues to share her offerings! If people don’t like it, they don’t have to join us. And in our offerings for those in need – let’s not forget to continue to say yes to the organizations, like ours, that offer service in times of need to others. This is an ecosystem of support. People can be so short-sighted. Was what we were doing yesterday, a paid for painting class, less valuable in time of need than doing other service? Close to 100 women had an experience that will prepare them to be more resilient and serve their families and circles.

Amazingly enough – my focus on my business and my sacred work of Intentional Creativity is my absolute solace. When your business and projects are truly from the heart, it is an expression of you in the universe. So my focus on rescheduling this week and teaching for 5 days is GOOD for me. Nothing I would rather do really. This gives me focus and allows me to keep the commitments that I can. I had a wonderful time teaching with Amy Ahlers.

I have another retreat this week and have to move it – as well. It is all a great adventure woven with strands of grief. We have also turned our little inn into a shelter for evacuated people in our community. At this point I don’t suggest it, due to the smoke.

Jonathan is home defending our place. Kitties are with a friend. The wind is raging and the fires are nearer to our space today. So. It’s a wild world. I will try to keep you updated here as things progress but I can’t answer the number of texts and emails 🙂 but I appreciate you thinking of us. I feel the LOVE!

I am in San Francisco right now at a hotel having evacuated 6 days ago. I know most can’t afford a hotel, and I am grateful to have found one of the last rooms in the city so I can figure out where to go next and what to do – since I can’t go home for now.

I am going to walk to breakfast to a little French cafe where I used to go when I was just a young 21 living here and working in the financial district at my corporate gig. I had my first latte’ there. This cafe has woven through over twenty years of my life….Many a poem has been penned there….

I am of course – along with all of you – praying for our ranch and all impacted, yes good thoughts DO count. AND I am giving thanks for the bravery of the fire fighters and service people – and all of the incredible businesses opening their doors to support. I just talked to Jonathan and the air is really bad and filled with ash – but still standing. One of our neighbors in the Carneros is sheltering 40 horses and she said they are calm –

As we go along – let us remember that while we can’t create all of our circumstance, we can create ourselves in relationship to them. I am discovering the new mythos that is winging it’s way into our world. And in time, will of course, share it with you.

What are you called to? I hope you go do it.

BLESSINGS to you RIGHT where you are. I hope you can feel that. And I hope you can find the call to serve that is perfect for you at this time. Let’s all be mindful about what we ‘think’ other should or could be doing in times of crisis. Please, and thank you.

So how I am: strong. afraid. focused. fierce. loving. grateful. and…missing my husband and kitties

Sending love to you dear hearts along the red thread of connection,

Photo by Mary MacDonald at Unity Spiritual Center, San Francisco 

Thanks to Maggie Oman Shannon and Elizabeth Gibbons for their spaces. To Mary Mary MacDonald Mary Mccrystal and Simone Oliver for staffing support on so many levels and showing up in person. To Sarah Mardell for her behind the scenes communication work. And to my totally amazing circles of love.

Thank you Ti Stoneman for taking Frida and Diego kittens to shelter.

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