Red Thread Guide Certificate Program : Are you called to serve?

An Invitation to empowered service:

Lead Red Thread Circles for all occasions

Invite and facilitate revolutionary conversations

Curate ceremonies and experiences for your Beloveds

Weave simple creative practice into client relationships

Red Thread Guide


Global Online Training with optional Gatherings in California and Australia

You don ‘t have to be a leader or a rockstar to invite others into sacred space. It does take some practice, that is what we are here for! After 25 years and thousands of circles, we have created an offering whose time has come. Call your circles, gather your Beloveds in your arms for storytelling, invite transformation, engage in the work of healing grief and trauma, and by all means, call celebrations as often as possible!

A Red Thread will be lovely in your already abundant medicine basket…



What is your piece?

Each of us has a sacred responsibility to our lives. The wonderful thing is that when we get ‘healed enough’ we look out to see who else we might be able to bless. Becoming a Red Thread Guide is all about that kind of sweetness and potency. And, timeliness with the needs in our world. We need awake, wise, revolutionary hearts willing to show up and do the work of creating sacred space. Interested?

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Red Thread Circle Guide Certificate Program

Dear Ones,

I have seen many lives impacted by circle and the potent healing capacity when we come together in a common heart. For the first time, we are calling women into a training designed to discover the mystery held by the red thread, to bring into their own medicine baskets.

This has been years in the making. Each woman has a unique circle to call and a ceremony she wants to offer ~ What if we added our energy towards an already universal symbol that would connect each of us as we went forth into our work? What if the red thread was powerful enough to be that symbol? I think it is. Offering this work to you is my piece of the red thread to weave. What is your piece of the red thread?

One one hand, we innately know what to do. Sacred circles, conversations and ceremonies are ancient and in EACH of our ancestral lineages. On the other hand, there is a need for structure and for the crafting of a container that has integrity, that many of us may not be familiar with, yet. Circles called in a sacred manner do call for the leader to be initiated, confident and ready. That person does not need to be a rockstar or a healer, rather, they just need to be ready to call circle and create sacred space infused with intention. Is this you? Then, YAHOOOO! Keep reading and come on over here to our beautiful invitation.

I am Shiloh Sophia, and I was raised in circles of women talking late into the night over the fire. Early in the morning over tea, with readings and prayers for the world. Circles initiated by women who were kind, confident, informed and cared for others. They instilled this passion in me, to call others into circles, from the time I was a little girl.

I always felt a call to work toward ending the experience of isolation between us. I am doing my best, with this as my hope, supported in a mighty global Intentional Creativity Guild of women who lead Red Thread experiences through circles, coaching and workshops. I have asked them to join me in this offering. Diverse voices, many hearts, lots of templates and teachings to share.

We feel that at this time, that we must do what we can to call women to gather and to empower them to call others. Having spent 25+ years of my life calling thousands of circles, I know the power and the need for an intentionally created and curated experience. Managing energy, navigating suffering, creating context and developing relevant themes of resiliency does take some practice. And so we shall practice together!

As a little girl, not unlike many of you, I felt isolated and like I was the strange one. I actually ‘took on’ being strange in order to navigate the terrain of rejection. So now as I am moving older towards the middle of my life I remember that little child, and I say to her, no more. We have created a culture of inclusion and connection and you are invited to every tea party and every circle. And you are now all grown up and get to call your own circles. Let us tug on the red thread as we remember our connection to one another.

We have been waiting for you…and perhaps your Beloveds have been waiting for you to say yes too!

And if this isn ‘t right for you – say a prayer for the rest of us. We need circles around those of us showing up to do the work, organized and organic, to pray for us as we work.

Blessings to you RIGHT where you are – from my heart to yours.


Red Thread Guide Invitation


And yes, finally something for those of you in my circle who are not painters, but yes, there will be some optional painting included!

The Red Thread Guide program is designed to initiate women into the mysteries and teachings of the red thread. Enrollment is open now in preparation for our global 4 month journey in January 2018 led by the Intentional Creativity Guild. The focus of our work is empowering women to find their own voice and path, and who they are called to gather and in what ways.

Between now and then we have calls to connect us – and there are a limited number of payment plans available. If you are called, come enter the circle!

We are still finalizing a few details and fixing typos and adding things as we go along!

If you are interested in Color of Woman Training – much of this, but not all this is covered in that training and we may reopen 2018 Applications. Questions? Just ask.

This training is just for women, however, may women who lead Red Thread Circles also work with boys – they love the red thread too! Learn more

The legend says that those who are supposed to meet are connected by an invisible red thread….we are often headed towards one another without even knowing it….