Let us be the ones to tell you


“I am not a great painter. I am not a great poet. I am not even a great intellectual. Yet I know I have Great Work. So do you. Let’s remove the need to be GREAT in order to say yes to great work.” ~ Shiloh Sophia

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Curanderas, Acrylic on Canvas 2005

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Dear One,

Let me be the one to tell you:

You are beautiful

You matter to me

You are wanted by all of us.

Your gifts are truly needed

We have been waiting for you,

yes, specifically you.


The rest of us here on earth

are working out our stuff

right alongside of you,

remembering who we are too.

This is sacred work and

not everyone gets to do it,

because not everyone knows

this work even exists.

But you do.

Since you are reading this.


Part of our remembering is

to unmix the messages:

You know the ones:

Be unique, yet not too unique.

Yes, you are special,

yet don’t be too special

look good, but not too good

Be smart, but don’t let the

others know just how smart.


Enough of all those,

Let’s move beyond them

into integration, as the best

message is just to be you.

You already know this.

I know this isn’t easy.


That’s why I am writing.

If you are you, then you

can bring out your

Great Work. You can’t bring

out a great work being

someone else for any reason.

Got that? Good.


We have anticipated your arrival

and in that anticipation

we have prepared a space for you

to happen in,

a space surrounded by loving.


Go ahead and be special,

Take up space,

Explore your unique-ness.

We aren’t worried about

you getting a big head.

We need more people

with big ideas and the courage

to put them in place.

We are here to help with that.


If more people felt they really

had something to contribute

that was theirs to bring

to the rest of us,

we might be in a very different place

in our sweet old world.

Don’t confuse being special

with ego, those two get lumped together

too often, and it isn’t necessary


Some of us have created entire

systems to help others

remember their value.

For until you act from your value,

your gifts won’t likely come into form.

Be interested in you and your imagination

and what wants to come forth from you….

Be as curious as you can possibly be.


I wish this letter could be more lovely

and poetic so as to lure you in with

the beauty of the writing, instead,

I chose plain speak, to call you in

with the beauty that really matters

right now, which is, your own.


Let us be the ones to tell you,

We have been waiting for you,

Welcome, welcome, welcome

The place you have always sought

is indeed, within you, yet

We are here to remind you:

Dive in! It’s worth the risk.

You are worth everything

it takes coming home to yourself.

Shiloh Sophia

I am writing to you from the ocean, sea breeze on my face. A long walk on the beach, watching light shift on the glimmering edge where the water meets the sand. So much light. Praying for you and our world, the fear, the loss, the wondering at all of it. I wanted the letter above to sound like the sea, feel like a bird in flight, but it is rather like a black stone – like the one I picked up today.. Smooth, black, present, heavy. So instead of poetry I bring you a solid message – to wake up now and occupy you. I hope the message gets through.

I am here in Southern California with friends doing volunteer work and speaking with artists about their great work in the world. I had the gift of sharing Intentional Creativity at www.ShaktiRising.org over the weekend, where hundreds showed up to celebrate the Great Work of my friend Shannon Thompson and her tribes. We created a Witness tree in a back alley where there have been deaths and overdoses – to reclaim the back streets and to bring an internal message of community to the outer world. Many metaphors at work. Jonathan and I greeted people all day – inviting them to share their sacred responsibility on a piece of fabric, be witnessed by us, and then add their part to our collective tree. I kept thinking – wow – if everyone actually was able to bring into form, what each person said – we would have a different world.

Then, I began to wonder even further, about what it means to know you are connected to the collective…. and how that can strengthen you for the road ahead, that is, if you even know there is a collective to connect to. For us, that is the red thread.

Coming up next week – a daylong livestream for visionary business called Roots & Wings. I am co-leading with my dear heart friend Amy Ahlers. You likely already know about Amy as we have been sharing our course, RADIANCE for women entrepreneurs. Many women were interested in sacred work – so we decided to share one of our core teaching processes with all of you – the same process we are offering women from the Radiance program. If you are just starting out, or ready for a business reset, come join us for a day designed in potent action to explore the landscape of what you truly desire in your business to have a strong foundation and seed the future. We will do fun things with Intentional Creativity – as well as work with you to create a 6 month plan of action. Details and registration here.

I am continuing to track fires and hurricanes, adding prayers and consciousness, speaking to water, and loving my life and you as I now take a few days of work less, move away from technology and tune into my own soul work. Important sacred time.

Signed in salty skin,