Whispering to Hurricanes – Does prayer matter?

Jesus stood up and commanded the wind and said to the waves,
“Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind stopped, and it became completely calm.

Yo Soy La Virgen de la Caridad by Shiloh Sophia, 2012




Dear Ones,

How do you truly BE WITH the great unfolding? When you see and hear of devastation, destruction and despair experienced by others, what do you DO? How do you be? Just notice. Do you have a way of being? Chosen or default?

Do you shut down? Go quiet? Get angry? Get obsessive? Start praying like wild? With the elements shaking things up around the world, the earthquake in Mexico last night and the Hurricane hurling towards Cuba and Florida today, and everything that has happened in the US since Charlottesville, we are certainly in a wake up call, I feel. And waking up is often hard before it is good.

What stories are you making up about what is happening? I anthropomorphize tragedy at times to get in touch with it, and so do the hurricane people by naming it in gender. Some turn to prophecy to explain what’s happening and our eventual destruction – others turn to climate change and shaming. Some say the earth is angry. Others say God is angry. I don’t think of it like that at all – and I also feel the blame game can keep us from feeling. I say, let’s feel first. And then go from there. In our feeling, we can be in contact with our soul space, which is the only place we can protect from harm, and the best place to live from, in my view. And the thing that will best empower us on behalf of others.

My Red Thread Letters are about encouragement for the journey so I am encouraging you to get conscious about how you are with what’s happening around us. That’s it. Get conscious and know how you are – so that you can choose how you are going to show up. If we who are strong allow ourselves to be disempowered, how than can we serve? Can you choose not to turn from suffering and yet not obsess to the point of no return? (I ask you and myself this)

I will not go to sleep on the questions love asks.

Today is the Feast Day of Nuestra Senora de la Caridad del Cobre, Our Lady of Charity of Cuba. The painting above is one that I painted a few years ago. Her story is one of arriving on water during a storm, being a sign. As Hurricane Irma hurdles towards Cuba on her Feast Day – let us pray. Against all odds, let us pray. What else are you going to do? Do you have any part of it to manage within yourself? Can you manage yourself enough to begin to bring that compassion out to others and, yes, to Irma, herself?

Who will we become by practicing a loving we do not understand but long to be united with? We will become more empowered to do good than if we didn’t. So let’s show up first with feeling and consciousness and then act.

Let’s talk about water and intention. We know, that water, changes when we speak to it. You have likely seen the research, this isn’t just a spiritual idea. You can see learn more about the work here by Masaru Emoto http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html below in the images or go to his website. The structure changes. If we speak love, if we play beautiful music, the water responds.

We live in a responsive universe. This is NOT an idea of the woo woo world, this is science – how then can we engage with it in a mighty way through our thoughts? It changes and THEN WE ARE CHANGED THROUGH WITNESSING IT.

Feeling brave? Get a bowl of water, speak to it, speak to the oceans and lakes and the water being used to put out the fires and the water in the hurricane. Offer it to the earth. Be present. Your presence is enough, and is needed.

As for me and my house, we are whispering to water.

Not screaming, and adding to fury. Whispering loving. Listening to her story. However this works, there is a mythos unfolding right now on planet earth. To the hurricane, I contribute my tears of calm, and my love that it will begin now, to lessen the force and return to the sea and dissolve. I speak to the unspiraling of the momentum. I am not just asking for prayers without thinking about what that would really be like at the level of science and matter and molecule and. I am seeing it lessen and asking my community and circles to see that with me. I am speaking prayers of quantum physics across the stormy seas. Join me in whispering to hurricanes if you choose. Amen.

You can also alternate between fire and water, as the United States is seeing some of the worst fires on record – it is hard to know where to focus one’s energy so I am just alternating – I often put fire and water in one painting – even the Lady above has both. Today I am just focusing on this water piece because of it being Her feast day. If you are in one of my painting classes for Intentional Creativity – consider spending time honoring fire and water as a part of your process.

Does praying do any good?

In lots of comment threads about these disasters, people are adding prayers, then someone shames them, as if it does no good. Does anyone not know about how love travels? How biophotons can move to another person? How about quantum entanglement? Do you believe we are all connected?

Praying in hard times it normal even for those who don’t feel connected by faith.

This praying we do, isn’t about if it does any good, we will never know – rather it is about our conscious participation in creation. And how we are changed through it, becoming whole even in the fragmentation. Which, if we consciously participated in co-creation, perhaps we would know how to tend this earth in a sacred manner. We are being forced into seeing how our ways must change. And really, we don’t know if ‘we’ as humans ‘did’ this. Let’s watch our stories of punishment and reward. There are other views, you know. We can’t know – so we can NOT blame and yet still take responsibility to create the future we want to be a part of creating.

There is a story of Yeshua, calming the storms, so in that mythos, we know it has been done. May be it be so now if it is possible and for the highest good.

My counsel? Call your mother and father. Call your children. Call those you love and say I am sorry. I love you. I am with you. Let’s be connected through all of this. Together, we are stronger. Clear your altar. Bring fire and water to your altar. Choose to be conscious and loving. Pay attention. Turn towards your own creativity to stay clear and calm with yourself. Mind your own house and loved ones in a new and potent ways. Pray for clear seeing, clear being. And finally, dance….as if your dance itself was part of the solution of everything.

How we choose to engage shapes our capacity to engage.
Resiliency is learned through action.

I just called my beautiful mama, Caron, we talked for an hour about prophecy and the Holy Spirit and what the heck is going on. We talked about the gender in religion, about patriarchy, about end times. We talked about the signs of the times, and the man who ran into the fire at Burning Man. We talked like we have always done since the time I was young, about the attacks on humanity. We wondered if we were already boiled frogs. We laughed, cried, and I said, I don’t know what to do Mama. I can’t just say, PRAY TO GOD. But I can, try, in my own way to be a presence of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. Not to tell you what to think or do, but share my story with you, and invite you into co-creation.

Whatever else we can do – we can choose to wake up, and become conscious. Without this, without awareness, I don’t really know where we can go together.

I want to say one more thing about water, and faith. Since the water that has become toxic can be changed to be beautiful again, through our intention – can we not together, with one mind, and heart, change the tides of the direction we are spiraling? I don’t know, but I know trying, makes me who I am.

Anything we love can be saved ~ Alice Walker

I never write to you expecting agreement, I write to encourage you to think your own thoughts and hope mine can provoke your own process in a beautiful way.

I am sitting in my jammies, with kitties drinking coffee, pouring out my heart to you and staying tuned into the channel of love and consciousness. Today we leave to go to San Diego to celebrate one of my best friends, Shannon Thompson, Founder of Shakti Rising, who has been serving women in recovery and leadership for 18 years. We are together creating a publicly seen art project that is collaborative, I will of course, be including YOU. https://www.shaktirising.org/

A voice from along the red thread, soaked with the salt of good tears…

Loving you, where you are.


Whispering to Hurricanes

Irma, I am witnessing you, watching, tending, caring for you and your path in any way I know how. I am sending love to those who are afraid and hurt, while still loving you and all of the earth and the elements. Great respect. I know this isn’t a punishment or an intent to harm. I know you are as strong and natural as you understand yourself to be. And still, we here, the children of earth, pray together with one voice, for the peace at the eye of your storm to spread out and dissolve into loving. We are paying attention. Sending calm. Seeing beauty.

Please note – I am tracking the fires and the other things in need of prayer, I am focusing on this one thing for this Red Thread Letter, but the idea extends to all.

Prayers continue for my friends in Harvey aftermath…
My friend wrote from Mexico – they are shaken but okay where she is.
My friend wrote me from Oregon – ash is covering the houses
My friend wrote me from Florida –

“Speaking of birds, they have left, as least most of them. It’s a little eerie. Even the spiders. Of course, my dear Ibis is the last to leave and will be the first to return!

So for now I will source the strength of Sue and finish putting up these shutters. Later tonight for Shabbat dinner I will source our communal gift for ritual and finally I will source the tree top I hung on to as a child and enjoy the ride. Afterwards, there will be much work and people to help. It’s a good thing us Cosmic Cowgirls appreciate a good bronco ride!”



May Love Be At The Center of All Choies