Cantos of Reclamation : Eclipse Painting and Writing


She need not constantly seek to heal what is wounded

She carries holy wholeness in her unbroken soul

With supple shimmer, she slips out of stories worn old

Gliding from hidden worlds into the joy of pure presence

(keep reading for full writing)

In honor of the Eclipse – New Moon – August 21, 2017


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Cantos of Reclamation


She is the quickening

Standing at the threshold of now


She doesn’t perform alchemy

She is the embodied alchemical process


She doesn’t need to create legacy by design

She IS the legacy, as it reveals itself


She certainly isn’t waiting to be discovered

The Lady has already discovered herself!


She is not persuaded by readings of the almost future

That hold prophecies of prescribed delivery or doom


She carries the codes of the tree of life in her blood

She prays to be ready to receive the fullness of the teachings


She need not constantly seek to heal what is wounded

She carries holy wholeness in her unbroken soul


With supple shimmer, she slips out of stories worn old

Gliding from hidden worlds into the joy of pure presence


She is woven of the ‘matter’ of mysterious darkness

A daughter of Wisdom, whose radiance never ceases


She is at the intersection where light enters the prism

Surrendering unnecessary struggle, heralding an age of beauty


Her true lover is not her opposite, nor her reflection,

What they are, who they are, is still being in-formed


She is one of the many messengers of the ancient future

First re-membering, and then creating with intention


She is a shelter for the sacred, a call to action for the lost

The revealing of an archetype from the celestial eclipse


Her creativity, marks out the atlas of possibility

Dissolving duality, tending to reclamation and refuge


Where paths meet she takes her stand, a vesica piscis view

weaving technology and biology as stardust methodology


She knows from whence the gifts come, from the Creator,

She chooses the narrow path of the one called The Way


The lineage she carries is carried by all people

Yet often lays hidden under suppression of consciousness


She calls a council to gather, Mystics, Poets, Painters, Cantors,

Scientists, Dancers, Wisdom Keepers and Christos Seekers


As an initiation they reclaim language, image, code, seed and sound

A new mythos is revealed, already carried in the codex of the soul


Together they explore the intersections that have divided us

Offering up a view of generosity, prosperity and justice


She shrugs off continual apology for self and projections from others

With acceptance and forgiveness for self and others, she emerges


She steps out of systems of any kind that do not support life

Simultaneously stepping into structures of divine design


She is the scribe and curator of her own becoming

Guided by her call to the ministry of refuge and reclamation


She accepts with gravity, her responsibility to the great unfolding

Nurturing herself, she discovers the nurturing for those she serves


Her unreasonable prayer is a song for the wellness of all

An offering of love, comfort and an invitation to the quickening


She hopes that this reading may be a Blessing for you,

as it has been for Her, in the writing and the revelation.


The writing of one’s own Cantos of Reclamation

can be a ritual towards the awakening.


Join me at the council of the sacred?

We will be there, waiting and ready to dance!


Shiloh Sophia

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Ye are the light of the world, a city set upon a mount cannot be hid
Yeshua in Matthew 5:14

Where paths meet she takes her stand
Proverbs 8:2

She reaches mightily from one end of the earth to the other, and she orders all things well. She knows what has been from the beginning and sees what is yet to come. She can figure out puzzles of language and resolve riddles. She knows beforehand what signs and wonders point to. She knows what will happen in time and during the seasons of the year.
Wisdom 8:1 and 8:8

Beyond health and beauty I loved her, and I chose to have her rather than the light, because her radiance never ceases.
Wisdom 7:10

A great wonder appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet.
Revelation 12:1

Black Madonna Pilgrimage could not have come at a better time for me and many other women on the path….

Multiple exposure photograph by Jeff Roberson, the phases of a partial solar eclipse over St. Louis.

Dear One,

Greetings to you this new moon dear heart! I wanted to come on over during this eclipse energy and invite you to a cup of tea and share what is happening in my studio in this Red Thread Cafe Letter.

This painting is what I have been working on during this Eclipse cycle, completed just now. And the writing, got me up out of bed this morning after a rough night of not very much sleep. When I did finally sleep, dreamed I was writing a letter to the Intentional Creativity Guild – as we had a big gathering at Terra Sophia and we were arriving at night by caravan.

This painting, Cantos of Reclamation, will be a book cover. It was created to honor the feminine evolution – creating an image of the ancient and the future of our work. The image was sparked in response to the inquiry – what is the new feminine evolutionary? Inspired by the book by that title, featuring many women writers by Flower of Life Press. There is still a bit to do to get the painting and writing just right, but she wanted to be revealed today. So here she is.

In another Red Thread Letter I will tell you about more of the symbolism of light and dark – of honeycomb and binary computer code – and my reasons. The two colored eyes are to represent women of many colors. Light and Dark and in between and the integration. Embracing the paradox. Suffice to say I prayed during the entire painting for our planet and for women everywhere to wake up and stand up and speak up. Thank you for witnessing it.

And yes, people are already asking, prints will be available in the Fall with the release of the book, more on that soon….

Where are you with all of this? There are lots of different stories as always about the energy right now – yet each of us must find our own way – our own reclamation song. We were going to go and ‘see’ it but for reasons of work, stayed home and so the painting and writing are my offering to this time. Many have said they need to be in it, to see it, others have said they need to be in a dark room away from it. Each…to…their…own energy and needs. When we really deeply know that we must tend to ourselves and not let all the other outside influences and stories guide us before our own knowing, that will be a good day.

I feel so grateful to be deep into the pilgrimage of the Black Madonna where we are working with SO MANY of the issues and ideas present during this eclipse – and this world we are tending with our hearts and stories and images. Blessings to you in whatever you are experiencing, may this be a time of awakening for us all. Wouldn’t that be nice?

This writing is my OWN experience – and yet may speak to the experience of others waking up. I felt it both as personal and collective simultaneously. As did the painting. Perhaps you will write your own reclamation of awakening…. ideas for that are shared below.

With the tears and presence of the new moon in motion,

In Service to the Great Lady,

The Making of the Cantos of Reclamation



May Love Be At The Center of All Choices