Black Madonna Pilgrimage starting this weekend online!


She wrapped herself in the garment of night,
scooped me up, and never let me go.

When I first imagined the the feminine Divine in my early twenties there was no way to look Her up online. I didn’t have any books about Her. No one had even mentioned to me there was a feminine part of my tradition. I went to the mountain top and prayed. I asked for Her to come to me, to make an appearance in my heart. And She did. She showed up. When I closed my eyes to see Her, to look for Her – She came as black as the night sky filled with luminous stars.

For 25 years I have had festivals, gatherings, feasts and workshops honoring my relationship with the different aspects of the Great Lady. And inviting others to get to know Her in their own way. The more I learn about Her the less I seem to know anything at all, other than She is part of my sacred path. And that it is SO important, essential really, that the feminine be a part of our relationship with the Divine. And in particular, to pay attention to her appearances around the world as the Black Madonna. She shows up in different lands with different skin colors and garments. To know that there is not only a feminine image – but a black one, that has been here all along? This is life changing for many of us. And in these troubled times, important.

This weekend we begin a 33 day pilgrimage of the heart in a worldwide circle of over 150 women, seeking – She Who Is – in Her form as the Black Madonna. I am co-leading with Dr. Kayleen Asbo who will teach us about Her in her traditions throughout the world. We will study, pray, paint and hear Her songs. Each woman will create the image of Her they need – no experience required in painting. This is also good for those who just want to study – and don’t feel called to paint, there will be plenty of other content.

Feeling very blessed and sending those blessings back to you….

The Queen of the Universe Tends Our Sacred Flame 2007

The Black Madonna radiates the qualities of fierce compassion and universal love that come from a place of power and strength ~ Kayleen Asbo

Black Madonna Pilgrimage Starts this weekend online 


Dear One,

I am delighted to share this news connected with and in addition to the Black Madonna Pilgrimage. I was invited by Blue Angel publishing to do a Black Madonna Deck – but I don’t have that many images of Her. So I proposed the idea that our Intentional Creativity community could participate and submit images from around the world. They said yes! So what that means is that anyone who paints with us in the pilgrimage gets to submit an image for possible inclusion! This is the same publisher I have worked with for many years, and that published the Mother Mary Deck with Alana Fairchild as the author.

To tell the truth, I don’t use any oracle decks, so wanted to be sure of the content connected with it, that it wasn’t predictive or occultish, as for me it does blur the line a bit. But then I do walk the line. I said yes after talking to the Author, Alana Fairchild – to share the many images of Mother Mary I have created over my career and hopefully it is for a higher good. I have always been about getting images of the feminine out into the world. Turns out I love this deck and the writing that goes with it, so tender and people love it so much. And it has brought MANY women from the far corners of the earth who love Mary into my community that I never would have connected with. We had been looking for each other.

So I thought how do I organize this? This is it, this 33 day cycle – a sacred container in which we will create Black Madonnas for ourselves, and submit them for potential inclusion in the deck. You can submit up to 3 images. You don’t need to do a specific Madonna of a particular location, but you can if inspired. Further details will be explored during our time together for how this works. All proceeds from the deck that are part of our portion will be gifted to the Intentional Creativity Foundation, 501c3.

You don’t have to know about the Black Madonna or be of a particular faith to join us – you can just come if you feel called by Her and explore with a group of incredible women.

Feel free to join our pilgrimage here, it starts today with a stream tomorrow but you can watch ANYTIME and do this on your own time.

A very special package arrived just in time, and here is Jonathan putting her in place on the altar, and yes a frog on his finger. We commissioned her from an incredible artist, Alberto Romero, from Teo, Mexico, the father in law of Emily Grieves, who is the woman I teach Virgin de Guadalupe classes with and my dear friend. We met him when we visited the Guadalupe and the Pyramids. So we spent last night resetting the altar and getting ready for our festivities here! She is golden obsidian and really incredible – it’s hard to explain all of this in words.


Alana Fairchild is the amazing author of the Mother Mary deck and will be sending us a special message during our class about the creation of the deck and her intentions.

Order a copy of the Mother Mary Oracle Deck here.


“I love those who love me;
And those who seek me early and diligently will find me.

~ Wisdom in Proverbs

For those of you who don’t know, I still walk a path with Christ. My liberated feminist friends often challenge me on why. I have thousands of reasons I won’t go into today. Here are just a few….Some women leave the church. Some women stay and work from within. The relationship Christ had with women was revolutionary – and should have changed the way women were regarded – but unfortunately we still missed it. All of my adult life I have worked to bring awareness about the Mother and the feminine in the story, and I imagine I will continue to do so as the days unfold. He had women study and travel with Him, He advised women to choose study over housework :), He was anointed by a woman, He spoke with women privately, He appeared first to a woman, He was touched by a bleeding woman and was not unclean. Every relationship He had with women was taboo breaking. He was born of a woman, She who has the moon under her feet. And so yes, I do spend time exploring how this image of His mother in Her many forms has made her way across the world and has given the people a mother. The ‘establishment’ continues to try to take Her away, but She shall prevail.

I honor you where you are on your own path with spirit. I walk with many women and men of other traditions. Together, we shall learn, grow and become the stewards of the future.

Does not wisdom call out?

Does not understanding raise her voice?

At the highest point along the way,

where the paths meet, she takes her stand;

beside the gate leading into the city,

at the entrance, she cries aloud:

“To you, O people, I call out;

I raise my voice to all humankind…”

Proverbs 8

Black Madonna Pilgrimage

Shiloh Sophia
Scholar & Historian Kayleen Asbo

33 Day Online Retreat starting August 11


Our 33 Day Pilgrimage begins today with a Gathering that you can watch online (live or later)/

*If you need a scholarship, or are a student of The Red Madonna or a Cosmic Cowgirl Member, or a Guild Member, you receive 25% tuition savings for the online course using promo code sisterhood .‘ 

All the details can be found in the Black Madonna Invitation.

We have three special guests joining us: Guest Musician, Catherine Braslavksy, Performance Artist & Drama Liturgist, Tawanna Benbow and Dr. Mary McCrystal.

Our 33 day journey within is a women’s circle online in a private group on Facebook. The time needed to participate is as much as you want to commit to making your painting and being in circle. It’s up to you!

The Opening Gathering includes teachings from Kayleen Asbo and starting your painting process from Shiloh Sophia. Additional content and inquiries will be posted in the private group twice weekly. Very few emails will be sent.

About the painting process: Shiloh will lead you to begin painting in community on August 12, and she will also hold two livestreams on August 18 and 25 that include more guidance on your painting process and teachings from Kayleen about the history of the Black Madonna and her message for us today.

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May LOVE be at the CENTER of all CHOICES