One-Page Business Plan for Entrepreneurs with Heart


This business plan template is my secret sauce. I use it for every project as well as for my business as a whole. A dynamic template for dreaming your future using right and left brain.

Download a One-Page Business Plan created just for you!

If you are tired of your audience being a ‘target’ or marketing to pain points, it’s time to get up to date with your language and energy. Business is NOT as usual and it starts with how we think, feel and talk about who we are and what we do.

Dear One,

Your full moon blessing today comes with this present! As a Visionary Artist I bring visual presence to nearly every aspect of my life. Ritual, color, canvas, markers, paper, glitter are infused into my daily routine. Without some texture, my Muse starts to yawn lol. She needs circles and squares and shimmer.

If you were to follow me around for a day, you would likely be surprised about how much I work on my business – from creating ‘high-level’ plans and visions, to overseeing the day to day projects of my team, to building my own sales pages and doing social media – yep I do it all with the support of awesome women I work with like Sarah Mardell, and incredible men, specifically my husband Jonathan.

The key for me, that keeps me inspired and on-fire, is to use my left (logic) side of my brain AND my right (creative) side of my brain in every project. Just including some simple color and shape is proven to improve learning cognition and comprehension.

I cannot do ‘business as usual’ with the spreadsheets, black/white print and 100+ pages of a business plan without first bringing creativity to the conversation. Your business CAN come from your heart, which is connected to your creative soul. Your projects, visions and HOT ideas are activated from a whole other level when creativity comes into the story.

This is why I co-created the ‘One-Page Business Plan for Entrepreneurs with Heart’ with my dear friend, the ‘Wake-Up Call Coach’, Amy Ahlers. We have both used versions of this for years, and taught it, and this one is a collaboration of the best of the best.

Access your One-Page Biz Plan

As a bonus, you’ll also get access to our upcoming free live video jam called: ‘Business is NOT As Usual’ coming right up! Join us live and let’s dive into our right brain – left brain business ideas! Bring paper and pens of course.

As I said, we’ve been using plans like these for decades for our own projects, products, offerings and the overarching missions of our multi-six-figure+ businesses. This one is particularly awesome because it is the first time we’ve collaborated to improve the templates both of us have been using!

Our One-Page Business Plan combines the best of traditional business plans – with specific, intentional language to call you forth.

Language is a BIG part of the shift for the future of business. We are moving away from traditional business language that talk about people as ‘targets’ or ‘capturing’ people or any language that is inherently not in alignment with heart-centered values.

For example, we don’t use words like ‘target audience’, instead they are our BELOVEDS. Because who you serve is who you want to call into your circle and share your gifts with. We don’t want to ‘target’ them, right?

This kind of change impacts EVERY level of your business project, both physically and energetically. It may seem subtle, but moving from ‘target audience’ to ‘beloveds you are calling into your circle’ is a big distinction we happen to think is very important.. At least it is to us and the thousands of women we have worked with all over the world.

The One-Page Plan is nonlinear and links creativity and heart with logic and strategy. IT WORKS in really potent ways because you will have access to new parts of your genius. Gifts that you don’t access if you use only one side of your brain.

A DARE for you: Download and print the Biz Plan. Get the markers out and play. Even if you aren’t an entrepreneur, but you have a dream – perhaps just do it for the fun of it! See what emerges for you and what feels different… Let us know what arises for you on our live bonus call next week (when you download the plan we’ll send you all the details.).

with shimmer,


Here I am with Amy filming a class for Power Creatives TV last year.


Opening to this full moon energy….

Painting – Dancing the Tree of Life by Shiloh Sophia – if you look closely at the image you can see the full moon within her body.


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