A Reorientation to the Universe


Reorientation to the Universe

Here’s how it works: Be utterly fascinated.

Walk around in awe at and with the universe.

Whisper unrealized dreams into the cosmos.

Imagine star shaped ears leaning in.

Hanging on your every word.

You matter.

Sometimes you have to step out of what you know

and visit other realms.

Creative beings are like that.

Always wondering around.

Here’s what’s real: What’s real is what you love.

Are you free enough to love what you truly love?

When you love what you love, life becomes real.

Real means we are not asleep anymore,

it doesn’t mean reality is ‘as it seems.’

Your willingness to step into this kind of realness

shows you where to look and with what kind of seeing.

Pause a moment with me, just here,

inside the spaciousness of this concept

and move yourself just off the gridlines

of your usual track and frame.

This shift might seem almost imperceptible at first,

but it could be the quantum leap

in a much smaller package of potential.

This is more than a shift in perspective,

this is a re-orientation to the Universe itself

and your choice to belong here

or to be a stranger to all of us.

To live here in the presence of Glory

isn’t something for the special people.

It is for those who are willing to participate in it,

wonderstruck drunk with beauty.

Try this.

Be utterly fascinated

with each other and with everything.

We live between two worlds

and if you can keep one foot in each,

you will learn to dance in new and exciting ways!

Listen to this.

None of this is about keeping up or getting it right,

free yourself from concepts of rightness.

We are cultivating our own cultures

that make us giggle and gasp

and lead to experiences filled

with utter enthrallment. Awe even.

Drop to your knees in praise and gratitude

at the awareness that any of this exists in the first place.

The willingness to accept you have relevance

in the unfolding of the Great Mystery

will do you more good than you can possibly imagine.

Whatever this really is, you belong here

and have goodness to share.

And besides all that, I like being here,

with you.

~ Shiloh Sophia

excerpted from Tea with the Midnight Muse

Transmission – Work in Progress

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We are the ones we have been waiting for.
~ June Jordan


Dear One,

I am writing you from the land. We are on day 5 of our Alchemist retreat (part of Color of Woman School) and my painting above is where I have gotten so far! I thought you might enjoy seeing it. It’s always interesting teaching and doing demonstrations, while doing my own work. It’s a between the worlds experience for sure. Can you see the little boat – that’s me and my art mentor, Sue in the boat having a conversation about the future.

Sue used to talk about rowing through the cosmos when she was going to sleep – a memory from her youth on the Potomac River when she was living at the home of her mentor, Lenore Thomas Straus. When Sue passed in September of 2014, it was unbearable – the way I got through it was to imagine rowing with her in the cosmos. I would get in her boat and let her take me to new lands and she would tell me stories of the planets and stars. That got me through. I still go there sometimes. This is the first time I have painted it in form. Being here on her land, of course always brings up so much emotion. We were gifted with two of her friends visiting and seeing us there in circle under the trees where Intentional Creativity came to life. In a way – we were witnessed in the continuation of the work.

It’s always amazing sitting with women in circle – drumming, dancing, singing, painting, creating the dreams for our futures. Talking about the ways we have hidden essential parts of ourselves all along the way. Asking ourselves, what does it mean to bring the wildness we experience here together, back into our lives? We are re-orienting ourselves to the universe!

Sending you love right where you are, with mist from the mountain top. It actually rained yesterday a bit – never have seen a rain in August here that I know of.

Blessings to you and what you hold dear,






Mendocino Coast





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