Black Madonna Pilgrimage + Black Madonna Deck Opportunity

Her Stories + Intuitive Painting + Ancient Chants + Journey Within

33 Day Online Retreat starting August 11
with option to join us in person in Sonoma CA

Maestra Shiloh Sophia with
Scholar and Historian, Kayleen Asbo
and special guest musician Catherine Braslavksy

Our pilgrimage of the heart with the Black Madonna begins August 11 Online for 33 days. You will paint your own personal icon of the Black Madonna inspired by her legends throughout the world, teachings about her, and music dedicated to her.

A very beautiful offer will be shared below about participating in a Black Madonna deck.

In our event, cultural historian and mythologist,
Kayleen Asbo, PhD will share with you…

*The history of Black Madonnas throughout Europe and their roots in Egypt.

*The story of the Black Madonna of Montserrat, Spain and the extraordinary international, inter-faith collaboration of music and poetry that emerged in the Middle Ages in her name.

*The significance of the Black Madonna as a symbol of healing and wholeness, cherished by Jungian psychologists for the profound catalyzing effect on the psyche.

*Catherine Braslavksy, renowned Parisian singer, trusted with guarding the cultural heritage of the Middle Ages by the French Government, will lead us in pilgrimage songs dedicated to the Black Madonnas as well as perform solos for our rituals together.

We are woven out of the fabric of Her robes,
and she embroiders us like millions of fibers of light
and glowing threads into the stars on her cloak.
We are always intertwined, and She gives birth to our true spiritual essence.

Our experience will include:

  • Contemplating Her message and meaning through the lens of her symbolism and mythology and discover for ourselves what her message is for us.
  • Red Thread Circle
  • Talk by Kayleen with slideshow of images of the Black Madonna worldwide.
  • Ritual Connected with the Blessings of the Black Madonna. 
  • Chanting practice offered by Catherine.
  • Community Conversations and Exploration.
  • Painting Support from Intentional Creativity Guild Members.
  • Sharing of Paintings from fellow students.
  • Sense of Connection – Those joining the livestream will feel connected from around the world, bring your red thread.
  • Capacity to watch the recordings afterward.



Painting the Black Madonna

When we approach the Black Madonna in prayer to paint Her image, we are essentially beginning her pilgrimage into Her presence and Her heart. For 33 days we will be in online circle discovering her message for us.

Many of Her teachings help us understand the significance of the symbolism that She reveals to us in Her images and in Her stories.

Each woman’s painting will be about her relationship with the Black Madonna as a discovery process. We will explore the symbols of her image throughout the world, but you will also come up with your own. The mediation and prayer in paint process of Intentional Creativity will guide you on a sacred pilgrimage of the heart where you can hear her voice within you.


Message from Shiloh Sophia:

I am delighted to share big news! Our Intentional Creativity community has been chosen to do a deck on the Black Madonna – it is through Blue Angel Publishing.
This is the same publisher I have worked with for years, that did the Mother Mary Deck with Alana Fairchild as the author. They first invited me but I had a great idea, YOU. My beautiful community of painters that can join me for this. Imagine your painting being included in a deck of intentional paintings of the Black Madonna?!

So I thought how do I organize this? This is it, this 33 day cycle in which we will create Black Madonna’s and submit them for potential inclusion in the deck. You can submit up to 3 images. You don’t need to do a specific Madonna of a specific location but you can if inspired. You will need to submit a short story or description with your submission. Further details will be explored during our time together for how this works.

All proceeds from the deck that are part of our portion will be gifted to the Intentional Creativity Foundation, 501c3

Does the image of the Black Madonna call to you?

Alana Fairchild is the amazing author of the deck and will be sending us a special message during our class about the creation of the deck and her intentions.

Kayleen and Shiloh Sophia have taught courses together, rooted in their mutual love for art, history and the stories of the sacred feminine. Kayleen and Shiloh Sophia have visited sacred sites of the Black Madonna throughout the world.