3 Inquiries to discover if you are leading a Muse led life!


What if there were a few questions you could ask yourself
that would instantly connect you with the Muse?

What would they be? Before you go on to the ones my Muse gave me today to send to you…spend time just asking yourself that question – What would your Muse say are the inquiries to discover if YOU are living a Muse led life? Your discoveries will likely be more valuable for you than mine, just simply by asking – because that IS how the MUSE operates. Through inquiry, surprise and possibility….


Being the Daughter of the Milky Way always provided her with a unique perspective

By Shiloh Sophia – The LEGEND Course 2017 from Cosmic Cowgirls


Instead of thinking of what to do before you die – think of what to do that makes you come alive!! Do that instead.


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Are you living a Muse Led Life?

1. Do you spend time playing and in creativity?

2. Would you consider curiosity and important to your way of being?

3. Has the voice within become one of inspiration instead of condemnation?

Just sit with your answers. Usually more questions arise. You could add a new sentence to any of the inquiries. “If then, why not?”

WIP – Work in progress in IMAGINE


Dear One,

You might wonder, why would a Muse led life be important at all? The reason I think it is so important is because if we are not playing, not curious and are being too hard on ourselves, then likely parts of us have died inside.

From the time we are little we are trying to fit in, and to survive, and even when we don’t need to do that anymore, we keep doing it. It’s just human. Usually we won’t stop being driven by voices that are not ours. until someone invites us to – as strange as that sounds. Yep, we are in that together. And this experience is common to all of us.

So what do you do when you discover that you haven’t been playing or excited about something for a long time? Or that things may even seem mundane or boring (gasp)I

I am an artist and poet, so I go to the canvas or the page and listen to my Muse. Recently a consultant asked me why creativity wasn’t the BIG HUGE button on and I said this:

My work isn’t just for creatives or artists, it is for all beings – because we are all creative, it isn’t about talent, it’s about getting access to what’s inside of us. If we can’t get access to who we are, we are going to go dead inside.

The over-culture, rules, and judgements placed upon us shuts off our authentic voice. You already know this, most of us do. But, most of us don’t know what to do about it. So I created this little 3 question inquiry as a way to support others in getting conscious of 3 of the ways we bind ourselves.

Here is how we bind ourselves without even knowing it. We stop believing playing and creativity are essential for aliveness….We stop being interested in life, or in love with color, beauty, texture – and all the strange stuff too – we just rush past. The thing is if we aren’t engaged with our life and our environments our EXPERIENCE of life will not be vital. And worse of all, we don’t know how to talk to ourselves in a way that makes us get turned on – instead we tell ourselves we suck all the time or that we aren’t lovable.

Intentional Creativity Practice

Take out a piece of paper and just do a free write. Instead of making a bucket list, ask, What would it look like if you lived like you are living? Before writing your answers…close your eyes…invite your Muse to take the pen, then, as if surprised all of the sudden – start to write and see what shows up. (Yes I am serious about the acting surprised part)

A muse led life does indeed have play, excitement, adventure and so many more things that make us come to life and glad to be in a body!

I hope you got some insight – as who does not what that? Instead of thinking of what to do before you die – think of what to do that makes you come alive!!

Dear Heart, wherever you are, whatever is happening – creativity can provide some more energy, life force and insight. Let’s be connected to what matters first, our connection with ourselves!

With heart and a big paint brush,

p.s. I was up painting early this morning and my painting kept looking scary – (not the above one) – but one from many years ago. I kept asking – what do you want me to know? That is when the 3 inquiries came up to share with you.










What if love was at the center of all of our choices? What would be different?