4 Layers of Intentional Creativity (video*)


Being yourself takes courage in a world where
you are bullied to be someone you aren’t.
Resist, and persist in the expression of you that calls to be revealed.
We need you as you are, not as you wish to be,
or as others say you could be…but as you are.

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Dear One,

Years ago when I created, I just created. I wasn’t aware of thinking while I was creating. It wasn’t mentioned in art school – how incredible conscious art making could be – or the access it could give you to your thoughts. It would take years and years to find the language to SPEAK about what was happening that was often invisible. The ‘within’ space, the know thyself space – I mean how do you get in there? It isn’t just intuitive for most of us – it has to be chosen. Chosen to say something like: while I draw this line, or make this soup, or play this song, I will listen to my thoughts….This act is so potent, it is as if the inside eyes are turned on for the first time for many of us. We have ‘thought’ in there before and even had mindfulness – but there is so much more available. Color of Woman School is a journey towards soul work – each woman’s own content is revealed to her through her painting, writing and experience. The work is taught through the framework of Intentional Creativity. Here is my attempt at sharing a deeper understanding of Intentional Creativity – how it works, and the impact it can have.

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Today is a day off to just be home – what a luxury that is – feeling so grateful for some well needed space.

Many blessings to you RIGHT where you are…

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Shaping the Bowl – The 4 Layers of Intentional Creativity

In understanding how powerful Intentional Creativity can be, and the impact it can have on consciousness, it can help to give language to an often invisible part of the process – the part that happens in your heart.

There are 4 layers of intention to consider and that one can use in creating. Let’s use the shaping of a clay bowl as our example – as that was what I was working on when I had the first teaching from Sue Hoya Sellars about Intentional Creativity.

1. Creating Form: You are shaping the bowl to be of use for eating or drinking or display, it has an intention or a function.

2. As a Blessing and/or as Beauty for the intended recipient: You infuse the bowl with your blessing for the future person that will use it and/or so that it will be beautiful to them (and desirable for sale perhaps)

3. As a Blessing or as a Beauty for You: This is where Intentional Creativity really comes in – while you create you enter into inquiry and openness about receiving the gift of the creative process, you put your personal intention into it – are you are changed by it as you work – and as you witness the resulting form, function and beauty.

4. As a Collective Offering for Earth and Others : As you work you hope and intend this ‘loving offering’ can be a prayer, that it makes a contribution and in a quantum way travels out on your intention.

It is here in the 4 layers, that consciousness through creativity comes alive. It is here that we discover more of who we are and just what we are here to cause and to create. Art becomes ritual in the hands of the creative who cares for all beings and for creation itself.






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