A call to falling in love

A call to falling in love today….

Everything is alive to the noticing soul. Falling in love with life is not a default setting. It is a conscious choice, sometimes moment by moment. To begin the free fall, start with your sensual experience of being human – become mindful of the tastes, sounds, scents, feelings, and knowings. To do this you pause and choose to be intimate with the moment in a fresh way as if you have never had that experience before….yes, the universe responds to this kind of attention.

We live in a witness~witness world – how you interact with the clouds, the trees, your loved ones, your own heart, the quality of the light, the hours of the day, all changes how it responds to you. We all know this, yet somehow we forget and fall back asleep.

This quality of aliveness gives the missing energy that is available. There is a potential for more beautiful experiences in every day, all day…even in tandem with the suffering.

This day is made for rousing you from sleep….everything is alive to the soul that notices what there is and chooses how to relate with it. We are all in relationships all the time – it is essential to choose how we show up in those relationships. Your presence, attention and sensual being-ness can also wake others. We do this dance together.

We are the shelter of the sacred – it is a practice – and it is the practice of a lifetime. Let’s practice and fall in love….

~ Shiloh Sophia ~

(A message to myself I thought you too might enjoy…)

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Lady Wisdom ~ Painting (sold)


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Dear Heart,

We are on the road right now heading up to the Redwoods and the ocean for two family and friend’s weddings. Enjoying the ride for the gorgeous green trees and feeling grateful to just be alive!

I’m excited to see my mom and Mary MacDonald and a whole bunch of other amazing friends to celebrate that love is alive! For these two events I am the cake priestess bringing the cake and the antique plates that we used on our own wedding, forks and printed napkins. Cake for me is a fine art!

I was just talking to Jonathan about this thought: The time to live is now. Not 10 years from now when we save enough money, not when everything is organized, not until this or that is up to par, but right now, in each moment. This is pretty obvious, and people talk about it a lot. That said, the choice to enter into this thought with a conscious heart is what’s needed.

We have wonderful experiences coming up for you with intentional creativity, including two collaborative classes with women who are so creative and inspiring, that I feel humbled to share them with you!

I am excited to share that the Priority Enrollment cycle for Color of Woman 2018 is now open — this year we will have trainings in Australia, Italy and maybe even France! It was so wonderful to see a color of woman workshop that happened this past weekend in Paris. These are the kinds of things that we dream about, never know if they’re going to happen, and then can really celebrate seeing it come into form.

I am sending you love, right where you are!