The Constellation of You

The Constellation of You

We are creations
living within a creation
created by a Creator.
We are created to create.

When we create
with sacred intent
we align with the essence
of creation, as creators.

When we create
unconsciously without thought
for creation, we unweave
that which has been woven.

Our specific identity is an organization
of cosmic intent, particles of potential
in a design so impossibly beautiful,
if only we knew, who we really are.

Cooling sacks of stars
filled with the glory of Creator’s
intention for us. Stewards
of creation, through our creativity.

The perfect conditions are supple
and the summoning of your particular
cellular enclosure is humming with causation.
What will you cause and create?

The origin story of the fire in your blood and bone;
remnants of expanding stars reaching earth.
Your cosmic address is the constellation of you.
You are created to create.

Shiloh Sophia

IMAGINE a yearlong work in progress. Each month I paint a few hours with over 100 women, adding layers, sorrows, woes, body counts, miracles, births, breakthroughs – all of it. The poem was written in the context of PRISM – taught with Jonathan Lewis.

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With thanks to Lenore Thomas Straus and Sue Hoya Sellars for the inquiry, and the understanding of our beingness as starstuff and my husband, Jonathan Lewis for guiding me into new understandings of this magnificent creation. And most of all, praise for the Creator who gave us all this story to weave….but will we?

My Cosmic Heart by Sue Hoya Sellars