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Calling wild women…. Join us for an online retreat starting today called Woman Unleashed. My free step by step painting class is one of many amazing offerings and is one of the first available. A great way to enter Summer Solstice. I love doing ritual during these sacred turns of the wheel…especially with women who are on a creative path.

The painting process I shared is called Embodied Succulence! We work with honoring our body messages and my painting came out with the word: ‘sauce’, lol, gotta love trusting the intuitive edges, or curves in this case! See image below…no experience needed!

Register Here to get instant access – women are gathered from around the world to make art, connections and hand made journals for those who choose!

Working with Amber Bonnici for over 6 years in different ways is a blessing.
A true heart – a deep soul – a wonderful teacher – a friend – and a Color of Woman graduate and guild member (who also studied with Sue Hoya Sellars)

And, she is beautiful while also being a goof-ball of the best kind – we spend most of our time laughing – and that is a good thing. You can read more about it below or just click on over and join us in creative space!


Unleash Yourself



Here we are co-leading LEGEND in 2015, live from Cosmic Cowgirls.



an excerpt from Tea with the Midnight Muse

Where do you need to give yourself a permission slip?

We are all hard on ourselves. It’s strange how natural it is to be critical of our tender selves. But we often just are, until we learn another way of being. Learning another way might take practice, maybe even spiritual practice, that includes things like prayer or dance or chanting or writing or being in nature or writing or reading poetry or asking yourself questions like this.

When we allow change to move through us without too much resistance – then striving can decrease. We can allow the spaciousness of what wants to happen, happen, and move. We are very good at being busy making things happen, and not as good at allowing things to happen through us and to us in their own natural timing. There may indeed be a divine timing, and since we don’t really know – why not give it a try?

Allowing takes stepping back from causing, and seeing what wants to be revealed. Are you ready to create more spaciousness for yourself? From that place, Imagine you are giving yourself a permission slip – what color is your permission slip?
What does it say?

Dear One,

Ahhh I had a few days off for my birthday – a permission slip to be in non-linear time and we went to Terra Sophia, the land that is a part of the Intentional Creativity Lineage in Mendocino. I stood in the spot right where the Sue transmitted the message to put Intentional Creativity into what I was working on – that day changed everything. It’s kind of hard to believe I was 22 that day and now I am 47 – all grow’d up.

This time, I didn’t bring a computer. I mostly sat there in the sunshine – listening to earth and smelling the golden grass. I felt a sense of calm – a feeling of one-ness that was rare – it was as if I felt the gratitude for the earth, the missing of Sue and the love for Creator as all one emotion – not distinct from each other – but the same. It was transcendent. A good birthday experience….

We came home last night and were greeted by happy kitties. It’s back to work today and so I am here sharing these amazing events with you, especially Woman Unleashed with Amber. I just think it is so cool that we can gather women from around the world to create together – and to teach painting online – I would not have dreamed this was possible – just 9 years ago – not so very long ago – I had never taught an online class, now I can reach women around the world….

Dear heart, there is SO MUCH going on in the world, I hope you take time for you and give yourself a permission slip. Mine is hot pink, as usual with some golden rays of sunshine.

Solstice Blessings to you,

P.S. Of course in Woman Unleashed there are many other wonderful teachers to learn so many things from, but if you are on my list likely you already have watercolor paper and paints and a sharpie so you can get down and get to it. Register here.



Here are some of the Woman Unleashed inquiries Amber has prepared.

*Have you dreamed of ‘getting away’ but life always seems to get in the way?

*Is your body, mind, spirit and creativity asking you to nurture and honor them?


Connect to your heart and ask yourself:

*What would it be like to spend sacred time tapping into your feminine side?

*To carve out time to refuel and have some FUN?

*To learn new things and attend soul-nourishing workshops from the comfort of your home?


The Woman Unleashed Retreat is filled with sessions on Art, Movement and Mini Workshops to help you slow down and nourish yourself. Sessions are led by world renowned artists, teachers, speakers, authors and healers from all over the world (including me).

When you attend the Woman Unleashed Online Retreat you can…

*Attend the retreat sessions around your schedule.

*Wear your favorite comfy yoga pants. No need to brush your hair.

*Drink tea (or wine) from your favorite cup.

*Be a part of a global tribe of women who are saying YES!! to themselves.

*Take a free painting class with me!

You’ve been taking care of everything and everyone… now it’s TIME FOR YOU!

Reserve your spot in the retreat here!


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“I am a creative being, not a creative doing, and sometimes being creative is allowing myself to do nothing except the act of dreaming.

~Shiloh Sophia






May LOVE be at the CENTER of all CHOICES