Invite Your Muse to a Cup of Inquiry, Shiloh’s Featured Article for Aspire Magazine!

“In ordinary reality, our brain, when faced with questions, will go to the past to gather the evidence which is “safer” – ie known, or connected to a past story. In this specialized muse inquiry we are intentionally looking for ideas that are not based on past experience. Therefore we are ‘reachinginto the future space that hasnt happened yet. POW!

We are seeking while not looking at or for answers directly.  Rather, using the inquiry to create a conditional environment is about the experience of what happens when we ask a question that we dont have the answer to.

The sacredness of “I wonder” can take you on a journey that you have never had. Becoming familiar with inquiry as a form of journeying can increase your capacity of metacognition, your ability to think about your thinking and therefore learning how to be with you as you are and as you dream yourself to be…”

An excerpt from Shiloh’s Article “Invite Your Muse to a Cup of Inquiry”
Featured in
Aspire Magazine’s ‘Wisdom, Wonder, & Creativity​”​ issue.

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Dear One,

We are​ pleased to ​share that our beloved Artist & Teacher, Shiloh Sophia, was selected to be the featured cover guest and contributor of an article for Aspire Magazine’s ‘Wisdom, Wonder, & Creativity​”​ issue​!​​ Take a ​peek inside the new issue today >

Her article, “Invite Your Muse to a Cup of Inquiry: Gaining Intuitive Access” is featured on page 20 of the Magazine, and ​invites you to have tea with your own Muse.

Shiloh Sophia says “The practice of inquiry combined with intentional creativity and focused on accessing the hidden worlds within us is hot, hot, hot terrain! Who doesn’t want to experience what they REALLY think, feel and know?…”​

Along with ​Shiloh’s article,​ ​you’ll discover empowering content from some of today’s leading visionaries in Aspire with over 90 pages of love, wisdom and inspiration​ and tons of free gifts. Shiloh’s book, Tea with the Midnight Muse was featured in Aspire’s top ten books in the last issue.

On behalf of our staff here at Shiloh Sophia Studios, we are honored and delighted to share the message of Intentional Creativity and gaining intuitive access with the Aspire Community of tens of thousands of women around the world.

Special thanks to Aspire Publisher, Linda Joy.

Cover photo credit: Jonathan Lewis