Wise women coming out of exile


How do you alchemize fear that you can’t see?

How do you heal the feminine bond for yourself and the collective?

How do you access that ancient wise woman inside and set her free to be in this world more powerfully and visibly than ever before? The answer – get into an intentional transformational experience with other conscious women and use the tools wise women have used forever – intuitive painting, mantra, ritual, yoga, music, wisdom and of course chocolate. ~ Christine Arylo

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Dear One,

My dear friend Christine Arylo and are often spinning tales around her work in the world: “Bringing the wise women out of exile”. Now, there’s a lot here to unpack – but what shows up for me immediately is – Where has she been then, and what exactly has she been doing in exile? And what can she teach us about her time there? What is that time anyway?

What comes up for you, as you think about a part of yourself, perhaps the wise intuitive all knowing one – being in some kind of exile? Might not even be all of her/you. But parts of us, parts that re-member what happens when women speak the truth. Trouble. Exploring this question is just a part of what we will explore and dive into on Friday. Christine is brilliant on this topic, so we feel super blessed to have her as our third guest on Power Creatives TV – Season Two – Herstory. With the incredible Sarah Drew following on May 19.

In the work of Intentional Creativity – so much of it is about the time. The time explore the things we aren’t exploring – but that may need some well needed attention. Things we don’t think about on our own or may not know where to look. Even for me, I find it an illusive topic, which is why I will be joined by Christine for this – and we will create an intuitive painting processs for you around it with abstract symbols based around blooming, expanding our awareness and healing love cracks in our hearts!

“Feminine fear is the fear inside of woman of being attacked or silenced or betrayed or isolated because she speaks her truth, reveals her full power or shares her deep wisdom and offerings.This fear can come from things that have happened in this lifetime, but often they are connected to deeper rememberances for centuries of wise women being persecuted.

‘Feminine fear’ is real. It stops us from fully inhabiting our feminine power and being our fully illuminated presences. And it drives us to create relationships or situations that don’t always serve us” ~ Christine Arylo

So dear heart, if you feel called to move through the fear and stand side by side with your sisters in new ways – come join us in discovery.

What does your wise woman want you to know?

I ask myself a version of this question daily – if not more than once a day – in the guise of my Muse. It’s how I listen, through inquiry.

We had an amazing weekend last weekend with all kinds of wild women, my awesome mom, and one beautiful red-headed child in the studio for the first few days of LEGEND and I am deep into the exploration of community, sisterhood and walking story.

Blessings RIGHT where you are today!

Signed with a hopeful heart,

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